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The most pitiable situation is, undeveloped nations want to emulate the Developed nations in manufacturing missiles, but not in emulating them in developmental sector and in alleviating poverty.

‘No food to swallow but need perfume scents for mustach’, is an adage. This can be attributed to the style of functioning of some under-developed democracies in the world. Their population has still no proper food to eat, no jobs, suffering from unbridled soaring prices of daily consumables, no water to drink, no proper sanitation, sewarage systems, heavy taxations imposed on every activity or services offered by the feeble governments to the citizens, corrupt politicians, ineffecient bureaucrats, and deteriorating Judiciary, in such horrible state of affairs, the people in power want to buy lethal arms from Arms manufacturers and the scientists in such nations want to do research on how to manufacture advanced missiles and spending billions of dollors for the creation of “Ballastic Missile Defense Shields” over their Heads. It is not known even to themselves wheather they are reeling under any assumed fears that some body is going to hit them or they want to scare somebody that they too have formidable weapons on par with developed nations, to launch offensive attacks on their inimical neighbours. But the fact is, huge portions of their national budget goes into the coffers of Defense Departments that is never questioned by anyone as it has the shield and plea - for the purpose of national security.

On one side the Political Heads of under developed Nations say that their bi-lateral relations with neighbouring inimical states are improving and seeking further cordial relations with them, but on the otherside promoting manufacture or purchase of the deadly weapons on the pretext of national security threats. Situation has turned paradoxical as lethal weapons are being manufactured and purchased every year but no impending dangers of war is found to use such weapons. The International politics have grown to such a crooked levels that some advanced nations have always kept the under developed nations under the notion that their neighbouring enemies are planning to annex their boarder areas, so they must be equipped with all sorts of dangerous weapons, either to give befitting reply or to initiate an offensive attack. This pro-realistic political culture nurtured time and again by some advanced nations after the WWII has always kept the under-developed nations in hellucination that without procuring modern lethel weapons from time to time from world security agencies, their very existence would be endangered at any moment. That means this animosity between the under developed nations is nurtured by some third parties, whose main intention is to encash their occassional skirmishes showing them as impending dangers to each other, from each other, eventhough the people of such nations really never wanted war with their neighbouring nations.

With such kind of Defense politics, and overwhelming publicity given to the security aspects, most part of the national budgets in these underdeveloped nations are being diverted to their respective Defense sector by cutting shares in their annual budget allotments to the economic, health, education, agricultural, food productions and roads and transportation sectors. This is resulting in not improving the standard of living conditions of the majority population in their respective nations with meager budgets alloted to these sectors. Again even the little budgets alloted to these developmental sectors would be misused and devoured by corrupt politicians and bureaucrats in connivence with each other and this scenerio is quite apparent if you observe the history of any underdeveloped nation for last five decades that remained unchanged. Some dishonest ruling political leaders of these nations from time to time skilfully representing poverty and undeveloped conditions of their respective nations before World Bank and IMF, extracting loans from these International Agencies and again devouring them indiscriminately and this has become a routine habit for some of the political leaders and corrupt bureaucrats in these nations, as there are no any effective International Monitoring Agencies over this kind of malpractices done by some under developed nations. So the economic disparities between the ruling gangs over middle classes and poorer sections remained unchanged in the last 50 years in these nations.

On one side projecting a five or six major urban high-tech cities of their nations before the world nations and at international forums, and claiming that they have developed on par with developed nations and seeking privilages of developed nations and on the another side showing vast slum areas of their countries and begging loans and funds by governments and Non-Governmental Organisations of these nations is a deceptive practice adopted by the political leaders of these nations that is not being noticed by the major International Economic Agencies like World Bank or IMF. The funds or loans taken from advanced nations for improving the living conditions of the population are really being spent for the purpose for which they are meant is always a never answered question in these nations. From time to time they take loans and funds on the pretext of alleviation of urban or rural poverty but poverty and bad living conditions even in their major cities remain unchanged for decades together, and there are no hopes that honest political leaders would come into power in near future to change this situation.

Despite this deplorable scenario, arms procurement, missiles productions from time to time and filling their arsenals with lethal weapons and as they remained unused for years together when they become rustic or outdated again purchasing and producing new ones with more lethalary has become a routine task for these nations. When UNO and Security Council have become pro-active to restrain the breakage of major wars among these underdeveloped neighbouring states, weaponary is becoming useless and the major amounts spent on them becoming futile. The recent experiences in some nations like Libya, Syria and in other African nations some of these weapons are being used to kill their own citizens when rival political groups turnd violent against their corrupt governments.

Under-developed thinking, dishonesty, corrupt nature, duping their own people by the political leaders of these nations is the main curse for the unchanged situations in the underdeveloped nations. The most pitiable situation is the political leaders of these undeveloped nations want to emulate the Developed nations in Arms Race and in manufacturing weapons, but not in emulating them in developmental sector with at least half percent honesty in administering their public and in improving their living conditions. It has become a parrot-fashion for the political leaders of under developed nations to utter the words Democracy, Rule of Law, Global peace and Disarmament as used by the leaders of the developed nations on one side and self-deceiving by procuring and producing dangerous weapons, without improving their domestic living conditions first. That is the main difference between the Developed nations who are comparatively having good living conditions, and the underdeveloped nations who remained underdeveloped for decades together, but want to emulate big nations in Arms race. It is some thing like ‘No food to swallow but need perfume scents for mustach’ By dchaitanya

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By TonyBerkman on May 14, 2012 at 05:10 pm

often wonder

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By dchaitanya on May 14, 2012 at 08:08 pm

No need to wonder Tony Esq., If possible please visit Afro-Asian nation, including the Chinese villages. There is no food to eat twice a day and no proper living conditions for the villagers, despite having money at the disposal of the governments for the betterment of their conditions. Honesty and commitment is the drawback for ruling people here or ther.

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By dchaitanya on May 14, 2012 at 08:34 pm

Dishonesty and no commitments for better administration are the main drawbacks for the ruling people in the underdeveloped nations that are keeping them underdeveloped forever. Just by visiting a five or six major urban cities in the underdeveloped countries, by the leaders of Developed nations, thinking that they are growing on par with them is really need to be wondered. But whatever the arms that developed nations are having are being procured and produced by the underdeveloped nations - that is to be wondered.

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By dchaitanya on May 14, 2012 at 08:40 pm

The thing is as if I'm criticising them only appears to the world, but no one is really interested to look into the factual situations that are existing in the underdeveloped nations.

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