Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Kings Cross who owns it?

A bustling hub years ago, today quieter during the day as the drug addicts lay in wait for the evening hussle.

Who owns Kings Cross?

It has been in the spotlight of late, yet who does own Kings Cross?

Does the government notice the transactions of drug trade on the streets tonight as I write this story, of the 10 transactions each worth $100 for the seller that he borrowed the drugs from a home invasion as he said. Life is different yet it can be cleaned up and the town made better.

It is not the drugs so much as the low lifes selling the points, from a point on the footpath, to inside the takeaway cafe's yet it could be money transaction on the strip and delivery in the back lane. This is Kings Cross and every thing is possible.

My inbox is full of people today, telling me about the tales of what drugs and who they have affected and hurt, not just the person that has taken the drugs. This drug taking affects everyone in Kings Cross from the Police, to the Pubs, to the patrons that walk along the strip.

Drugs maybe what owns Kings Cross, they say everyone will be having some affect from drugs whether they have taken the drugs or not. The passive smoking from the ice is horrible. It does make you thinner which has been a side affect I have noticed. Yet it is the item that controls and manipulates the most people within the area.

For having had the drugs affect, I am speaking from someone where the passive ice smoking pipes had affected judgement and was the item own controlled me in Kings Cross. It wasn't the drug, it was the drug dealers with threats to do what they say. It was the affects that the smoke can cause with the ice pipes that are smoked in most backpackers and hotels hidden in the rooms.

This passive smoking, after my perspection is the most toxic of all effects and should be analysised for the affects as it is hard to control something that seems to be sold in the Kings Cross strip. Just have a visit and you will see the people tripping off their heads up near the corner of Bayswater Road and Darlinghurst Road. You will notice the hookers that parade on the strip, the glassy eyes that show the drugs are the influence and the shackles that hold them to the area. The drugs are not this bad or tolerated to this extent in any other city within Australia maybe nearly the world.

Government has to decide to raid the hotels within the Kings Cross Strip and you will find that these raids on a weekly basis will stop the drug trade with a red light.

Lets get the right red light, we need the sex and the alcohol, the stripclubs playing hot sexy music yet we don't need the drugs or the influence of the drugs.

Who does own Kings Cross? Drugs, drug barons, well this has been said to be the most sold product in Kings Cross.

Who is the King of the Cross? What does the King own in Kings Cross?

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