Thursday, July 19, 2018

Love at First Sting

Is it possible, one touch, one smell, one snort and hooked. The life of the Sting in Kings Cross.

Interview from a drug users perspective: I woke this morning from the cloud of cocaine I used for the last 20 years. It was a one use miracle that killed my pain then after once it fixed me. I did again, looking all the time for the perfect source. Something perfect like a miracle to end my pain. It was a pain, life had become unbearable to live with. My love of my life had fought with me, it didn't matter what I did it was the fight of your life. Night and day, you get the drift.

Then when I thought, the years were rolling by no one had woken me up. My ego too large, yet my mind was just edging to succeed. It was a time and place that needed to be right to lessen the use on drugs. In fact I was waiting for the perfect timing. Until then it was one hit after another. Sitting between cars, shooting up. Sleeping in MacDonalds or the concrete park.

Yes, this is Kings Cross even today you can see someone buying a transaction everywhere. You only have to look as they said tonight when the interview started. The drugs are running ramped in Kings Cross.

Where are the police? They don't see the transactions, I rang Crimestoppers. It is as though they have to make sure that the drug raids are okay.

More people will get hooked, it only took me a once lick and I was hooked on this mind altering substance heaps better than alcohol as the Mrs didn't notice in the beginning. I was feeling better and more alive than I had for some time coming through the fog of the alcohol abuse was hell yet the drugs replaced this numb feeling I needed at the time.

The Kings Cross Sting is needed he said. The drugs need to be stopped, yet to legalise the drugs will get rid of all these low life drug dealers that I saw today. In the lane, in the coffee shops. Laying in wait for the next phone call. A phone that rings 24 hours is a drug dealer they say.

Now I have to break my silence :"In the Crossfire".

I was hooked in my 20's now nearly 50 I can see that the drugs are killing Kings Cross. The war zone needs fixing the police need to act. Stop talking about cleaning Kings Cross, we need ACTION NOW.

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