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If Regional Political Party leaders in the states are told that NCTC is America’s they would get convinced, and all political hurdles would be cleared for establishment of an effective NCTC-India.

NCTC (National Counter Terrorism Centre) issue in India has once again racked up in some sensitive issues between Centre and States and refreshed some State Units’ apprehensions on Federal government’s domination over them with the creation of NCTC at Central level with no role to play for State Units. So in recent times whenever the Prime Minister of India Dr.Manmohan Singh raised the issue of NCTC some State Political Heads have been objecting the Centralised NCTC and raising hue and cry that it is against the Federal Polity of the nation. This is all because several Regional and National political leaders in the States are least aware of the very concept of NCTC and its futrure role and functions and who invented this?

Regional Politicians in Indian states are under the impression that this counter-terrorism devise is invented by the Congress Government itself to curtail the powers of states in the aspects pertaining to Security issues that in turn would show effect on the allotment of huge budgets for state police organisations dealing with Maoist and Terrorist activities in their respective states. Therefore where there are non-Congress governments are functioning in the States, they are opposing it on the pretext that the centrilised NCTC would reduced the role of States in Terrorism and secessionistic activities and Union Government supervised NCTC would seize the state powers. One National level opposition leader publicised this and rest of the Regional Political Heads are following it. This is all because of the political rivalaries between the different political parties at National and Regional levels would not look into national interests, but only how to subdue the other politially, saying ‘no’ to their proposals. If one says ‘yes’ the other says ‘no’. But if somebody says that it is not me saying this, some foreigner said this, means, and then everyone would sit together and discuss. This is the routine political culture prevalent every where in underdeveloped countries.

So they must be properly explained, that NCTC is not idigenous concept, but the concept derived from American Intelligence, then every one could be convinced or opposition could be reduced. See, how Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Secretary of State has come down to India from United States and succeeded in her efforts, to convince Indian fire brand lady Ms.Mamata Banarjee, on issues of FDIs into India, which was a racking issue between Centre and State till recent times, and how Hillary was able to convince her (Mamata) for American investments in West Bengal state and Mamata’s offer of lands for American Industries in West Bengal, and how Hillary was able to convince the India for reduced dependency of India on Iranian Oil. These are all the issues that America is interested and told India and India reciprocated. In past Tamilnadu State Chief Minister Jayalalitha appraised Hillary on the situation of Tamil people in Sri Lanka. In the present visit it is understood that Indian Foreign Minister S.M.Krishna told Hillary about the derailment of peace process by the Pakistani Army which Hillary heard patiently and assured to look into the matter seriously.

Similarly on the NCTC issue also the Regional Political leaders in States must be convinced that NCTC is originally the brain child of former U.S. President George W.Bush, who after the final war with Iraq, devised a comprehensive International plan for en-countering Terrorism world wide and established Terrorist Threat Integration Centre (TTCI) in 2003, keeping the world-wide terroristic experiences in view, and how TTCI was later renamed as NCTC and placed under the agies of U.S. National Intelligence. When the TTIC initiative was taken up by Geroge Bush, there was no much protest from States units to the Federal Government in U.S. despite having strong State Units with wider powers, in the United States compared to India.

But, in the very initial stages of formation of NCTC in India, some Regional State Political Heads are very much distasteful to its formation, and some more are applying their best efforts to waterdown the spirit of NCTC by raising the issues that NCTC could be a threat to the spirit of Federal polity in India as it is going to be kept under the supervision of National Intelligence Bureau as in the United States where it is kept under the Directorate of National Intelligence. If the NCTC is kept under the supervision of IB in India that would not be a threat to State powers in India, as organisations like NCTC requires greater secrecy for effective functioning. If State Units are involved in it, the power of NCTC would get politicised as in most of the cases State’s top Security personnel would be appointed on political, caste or nepotism grounds and there would be every possibility of leakage of efforts of NCTC from time to time to local politicians, whose credibility has always been controversial. In America NCTC has the involvement of FBI, Defense Officials from Pentagon and CIA, which are centrilised components and works under the guidence of President of U.S., as in past and present the American Presidents have always been having the talent of effectively monitioring and weilding control over the international politics and situations.

The NCTC so far understood by Indian as a centralised organisation for counter-terrorism efforts with executive powers. But what could be its actual role, functions and methods are not even certainly formulated and known to anyone. But its basic structure could be, it is an organisation that is meant to analyse Terrorism Intelligence, information, plans and counter terrorism activities. But in countries like India, where political interests always overpower the national interests, the Organisations like NCTC should be kept in an organisation that is not accessible to the political leaders or the officials in the state units who mostly depend on the politicians for acquiring top positions, and must involve the top most officials from the National level security organisations that are strictly exempted from the RTI Act in India. In India the IB is so far has the credibility for its non-political functioning most of the times and inaccessible to any one of it activities and functions. In India the IB has no executive role and is also not accountable to Parliament on it functioning, therefore its independence is still upheld. The other security organisations or agencies whoever have got executive power are accountable to Parliament. So, while creating sensitive organisations like NCTC, by yielding to political pressures reconsidering to keep it out of the perview of the organisations like IB would endanger the very purpose of the NCTC and things would get politicised if every one is involved in it and finally the NCTC would turn like a local police station.

As in America, before creating organisation like NCTC in India too, the threats of Terrorism at national and international levels must be publicised redundently to convince the public and Regional political Party leaders in States, that if NCTC is established in India on the lines of America to boost up the Indian image in International levels, then most of the politicians would be convinced, because most of the States where Regional Political Parties rule the states in India send their Bureaucrates and Police personnel to United States or other Western countries for training purposes to learn advanced techniques and improve their talent. And such States also have got good respect for America, as many times they visit America for various personal and offcial purposes and invite American companies to invest and establish industries in their respective states and allot lands for them. So, if the Regional Politial Party leaders in the states are told that NCTC is America’s they would get convinced, and all political hurdles would be cleared for establishment of an effective NCTC for India on the line of America. By dchaitanya.

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