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Kings Cross Is it fixable?

by Jennifer Stone (writer), Australia, May 09, 2012

Drugs, sex and coke seems to be the menu in the red light district of Kings Cross. Tourist flock to see the suburb where most Australian's the violence has threatened there safety.

Television, the glorifying of criminal behaviour needs to end. We don't need to glorify positions that other suburbs don't have. Yes I mean the King of the Cross, The Boss of the Cross.

Forget this celebrating the criminal element and actions. Police shooting in the streets at out of control teenagers yet the drugs flow like the dust on the footpath.

White ice castles is allegedly the house of the King? Well the ice flows each night, this illegal drug of necessity of evil. We can not state by law substance as illegal and then have a suburb where the shootings happen through the drugs and the elements that exist at any time in this suburb of the lost soles.

Drugs? Do we just as society turn a blind eye. Or have we accepted that some drugs we will have to legalise to allow society some safety from the criminals that deal in this product of snow, ice and heroin. Remember the little plastic bags they sell the product in are legally bought in tobacco stores and the pipes to smoke the ice are sold in Kings Cross and adjoining suburbs.

Illegal product Drugs or has society given up.

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