Tuesday, July 17, 2018

18th Battalion started Prohibition from Liverpool Sydney

The soldiers headed from Liverpool to Sydney happened long ago, this weekend we saw the same trail of bikes from Liverpool to Kings Cross. Does history repeat.

History, does it repeat? In some way or another does the history of the past recreate itself in a way that reflects a person, a point in time comes again. The soldiers that gathered from Liverpool having a drink at each pub they passed in a three day drinking binge brought the city to a halt and a bloody battle exploded on the streets of Kings Cross.

Kings Cross has lived through a lot of this unnecessary pushing of the boundaries. On the weekend, the motor bikies joined forces was it repeating the history, driving from Liverpool to the city hub of Kings Cross. No drama, no blood yet it was history pushing the boundaries that put the people the civilians on edge whilst it happens.

The police back in 1930's were having problems to control the use of alcohol, now in 2012 we have problems with drugs. Shootings at houses, standover tactics yet the motor bikies came into town and exited peacefully. Why to Kings Cross is a question? Why to have the King of the Cross on the footpath? Why have a King, a King of what?

The trail of men coming into Kings Cross from Liverpool was repeated. The question is does History really repeat? Or was the statement hidden behind the action. In years gone by the pubs were shut at 6pm through this action. If the hotels and clubs were told to shut at 6pm the business's would not survive. Yet there has been a King of the Cross, a Boss of the Cross and when the Liverpool of drunken soldiers walked on Kings Cross in mass there was the Queen of the Cross her name Tilly Devine.

Check out the Queen's of the X today, the beautiful ladies that are hidden above the streets of Kings Cross.

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