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Drugs must be legal, otherwise our goals should be full.

by Jennifer Stone (writer), Australia, May 07, 2012

How many people take illegal drugs! Heroin, Cocaine, Speed from ice to the G, it is the cocktails that people take everyday.

Just I'll take you on a day in my life, where the G runs ramped in the old coke bottles just a symbol of the cocaine that was once in the mixture. I knew nothing about drugs except for what was on the television told me, moving into Kings Cross was like moving into a world where drugs were the normal part of society as it seems.

Walk down Darlinghurst Road any night of the week you will see the people tripping, from the over abuse and use of a cocktail of drugs. The alcohol seems to be a thing of the past, yet for me a bottle of wine sends me flying. Many of the sex workers that stand along Darlinghurst Road look at there eyes, there skin, this paste look to the skin is a sign of a high drug user.

The police walk past these ladies of the night each night sometimes 4-5 times on patrol, yet why dont they lock them up for a day till the pain for the next hit comes and they will talk about where they get the drugs from. It is the source, yet this town Kings Cross seems to have a self professed King. King of the Cross for what, we had back in the 80's Boss of the Cross. What are they the boss over, is it the power, is it the money or is the item that walks the streets that is the party drug that no one sees.

The source is only around people say for 15 minutes max in one spot to have the police guessing, yet the user is around Kings Cross as a life caught to the needle and the powder that government spends money on having injecting rooms in the heart of Kings Cross. No other suburb has an injecting room, you will find that many of the people around Kings Cross don't even utilising this injecting room as they all pretend drugs are a normal part of life and society should change to accept it.

Kings Cross is one of our tourist destination for Australia, we need to be proud of the history, the vision we allow our tourist to see on a day to day basis. Not the screaming, the druggies hanging out, lets liberate Kings Cross and put the party back in this town.

Clean up the cocktails that the normal people of society don't take, the heroin, the cocaine, the ice and the g that flows through the hands of many in this Kings Cross district. Drugs are illegal!!!!!

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