Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Red light District WAKEUP AUSTRALIA?

Decriminalise drugs or clean up the act. Don't have public officiers walking around seeing drug enduced looking Street workers working out of night clubs..

If drugs are illegal why is there so many people affected by drugs within Kings Cross. I am sure more money each night is spent on drugs than alcohol and sex put together.

They say some of the brothel clubs can have a $15k night what is sold for that. We can't have drugs illegal and be flooded by drug addicted people within Kings Cross. Who does the money go too? Some Outlaw group? Drug Baron?

We allow these outlaw groups to gain the funds to fight government by selling drugs. We just need a couple of good undercover cops to clean the act up.

If you can walk down the street, going for a coffee and heroin is on the menu? That is what Kings Cross has become a menu of drugs from where the cocaine or ice castles exist. Within a day of hitting the streets in Kings Cross you have some idea about the drug trade it is that obvious. Either make drugs legal or make being a drug user illegal after the consumption of the drugs.

The Outlaws are winning. We need the control put back to the police and to the governments of the day world wide.

What are we to do? Australia Wakeup. The longer the drugs flow the larger the drug barons earn more money.

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