Saturday, September 22, 2018

Drug Activist Disappearance

Disappeared, feared murdered. Many times the headlines of newspapers have told of the horrific murders associated with the underworld with the thugs that lurk in this criminal environment.

Drugs have caused nations, countries, cities and personal tolls for the effects that drugs have caused within our society. It is the most horrific for the families that loose young adults to this childsplay drugs that seem to be utilised to rid people of pain within their own lives.

To move a life of turmoil to a living life like you or me. Drugs for many families have affected the activist's to disarray. A disappearance in the world you are put on a missing persons list. How many of these people have seen too much, even a drug user will know where, who, how, what can be bought and sold for the drug they desire. The drugs are the key to working out the solution.

Many of the missing people on records all over the world may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just seen too much, the connections, the people that run this wicked dragon line from one place to another. Jumping the product at each turn before it is sold for millions of dollars.

An activist against drugs, showing the public where the dollars were going went missing 4 July 1975 Juanita Nielsen. People today say who was she. A brave lady knowing that she was on the trail of the wicked dragon line. The white snow that flowed on the plates in Kings Cross was behind the money being poured into a development in Victoria Street that she was aware of.

See if you bring this drug running where they are hiding the money people look at you. As thou you maybe Alice in Wonderland.

Living in a fairytale, even the police look as thou and as they tell people the drugs scene is a necessary evil. The black market with protection, extortion, drug money is in excess of a $12 billion dollar industry flueing large developments of home development hidden by the governments of the day.

So why Juanita so special to make comment, like many activist's she is still not at rest. Her body has never been found. Life for Juanita was for the good of society. Society can't forget what carnage drugs have caused.

Since 1975 was the start of a major criminal group becoming legal, having a company started and working at cleaning this illegall money to clean money a whole industry.

Legalise drugs STOP the CARNAGE.

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