Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Drug Barons On Bail

Governments create the law, the Police instigate the law, and the drug barons now how to manipulate the law. Adrenalin rush for the drug user to collect a illegal substance?

Drug barons are in every country of the world. This is a scenerio we are facing where ever we live. They go to goal for a reason yet they are released from any prison with a list of conditions to abide too. These conditions could be from where they can work, to where they can go.

In Sydney Kings Cross is an area where parole conditions can instigate this. Yet do they behave, with the many back entrances of the premises these parole conditions are broken by the elite of the drug barons unless they are at the top of the group running the drugs.

They say in Kings Cross that they run the drugs from behind the bars yet how you would think. Mail is allowed out from this drug barons a privledge I would say yet it is a way to have a coded message out in the public arena. Television is still available, even are smokes so is methadone. From one drug of choice to another drug pushed on these drug dealers in goal.

Drug dealers number one place they are the scared of is going to goal. Yet they will be more terrified of Cold turkey treatment instead.

Cold turkey is a way to treat drug users and this should be instigated as this way of cleaning the system allows the dealer to experience the pain of infliction what many a user goes through when they cant afford drugs or decide to live a clean life.

Why we fill our goal systems from one drug to another is a reason why the drug dealer/baron will head out of goal to work the streets to fix his habit. This habit of choice is one of the reasons why they become a drug dealer in the beginning to help fund a habit that is an expensive habit.

A dealer, a thief, criminal of all types some even murder for the drugs of choice.

Our courts systems throughout the world would on any one day be affected by the crime that has come through utilising the drugs by 50% may even be more. Yet they smoke on the outside of a court house, we allow people to smoke in goal as a priviledge yet it kills more people each year through its diseases it causes.

Alcohol was once illegal, yet today many nights a week patrons are experiencing entertainment from the numerous pubs, Hotels, Clubs and restaurants of today.

How to fix the problem? Legalise drugs returning to governments hands. Once the drug is legal....the adrenalin rush to buy the product has gone. Maybe that's the addiction.

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