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“Hey man you are too cool”

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), May 01, 2012

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All that greatness acquired moment ago vanished into thin air. God Venus riding on my nerves and all my denials couldn’t distract me from the visual feast of scintillating beauty

Woman looks at me and says “hey man you are cool.” Her saying took me off guard. I look around with my half cool and half backed perplexity and scratches my head. Do I have to believe this? I walk farther and my eyes pop out, seeing a beautiful damsel.

Hey, what I’m doing? I just can’t afford to let such feeling comes in. My God what’s going on… me, the creepy looking man, galloping with wild imagination? I certainly must, stop imagining this but I don’t have an impaired vision. How can I escape from the spelling charm of such curvaceous beauty? I ask myself and from within a voice comes and say “Uttam don’t you dare fiddle with such inflammatory thoughts”. Oh! God, I am not doing purposely. What can I do when the visuals are so powerful? I need to mend my ways. What I do now? Where do I take this bloody body and mind? I thought for a while and got an answer? Yes, there is one solution, I must not let my body and mind drift; I need to control my senses, I must walk straight and not look left or right. How so ever the enticing the visuals may be, I must not surrender my eyes to the luscious display of curvaceous beauty?

I am firm and determine now; it’s happening with my pulse getting to normal. Everything is calm. I conquered the moments and got the hold over my nerves…I am very stable now. I never knew it is so easy to do. I look around, take a deep breath and satisfactorily sum up myself as a great man; the man who can control himself and that’s jolly good. I am a great man?

What is so great about me that I am so proudly claiming to be? Come on… I am not going to belittle myself and that too after conquering the seductive visuals. I escaped honorably. Why I am saying that I escaped? Have I done any crime? I need to lift my soul by using an appropriate word. What appropriate word, which can define my stature as great. Oh! Yes, I got it; the right word is that I could with stand the moments of extreme temptation; but who tempted.

Yes I know now that what tempts me and I am not going to give up to such temptations. I need to manage the conspiring conflict of the visuals and mind. I need to rest all my wild imagination and hold the moment with dignity. Dignity sounds perfect and now I can walk with crown on my head and it’s more dignified now. I am a gentleman, man of great qualities with exemplary character. While circumventing myself with so powerful connotations, I feel like a great man. With my chest out and chin up, I sat down. And Suddenly I feel my eyes pops out again. Oh! Same curvaceous beauty sitting few yards away. I never knew my crowning glory would be so short lived; all that greatness acquired moment ago vanished into thin air. God Venus riding on my nerves and all my denials couldn’t distract me from the visual feast of scintillating beauty. Oh! God, how can I demean myself and surrender tamely? What about my firm resolve? I must walk away from this lucid sight before it further engages my mind. I need to go away but why? I am not doing anything wrong. Why is that I am questioning my own probity? Why I need to maul my desire? No… I should not be a man of easy virtue, I thought of moral turpitude. But what I have done drastically so wrong? I have done nothing. Even at this tumultuous moment, I realize that I could not take my eyes off from that gorgeous lady. Beauty needs to be admired…and that beauty I was feeling…From where these ideas germinating… Let me ask the scanning eyes who hold great wisdom…”Am I right you people of great wisdom…tell me… Am I a sinner…”but why should I ask people…why I need to contain myself when I have not done anything wrong…who I am to define what is wrong and what is right…Hey! I am choking myself. No I must not get stifled any more… I must depart…I must retreat…I must withdraw…I must disengage from my indecisive mode but could not. I am still looking at her; she looks at me and smile. Oh! I feel the tremor and my heart start galloping…my ear ringing. Everything begins to dance…Not knowing the crown which I am wearing would tumble down soon. I muster my courage to say to that lady the words which I was weaving till so far but suddenly she walks up to me and say “hey man you are cool.” Before I could say anything she vanishes into thin air; leaving me behind with crown on my feet.

Nonplus I try to regain my posture and then another beautiful lady I see and my eyes pops out again. Oh! My God how it is possible that there wouldn’t be any anarchy in our mind, when such beautiful lady walks in and we don’t even looks at her and admire; I know it’s not possible. I look around and observe a very old man watching that lady too…On seeing me looking at him with dismay, he winks and smiles. I winks back and say “Hey man you are too cool.” I understood….I know I got the answer…I look towards that lady and smiles. I walk away with music in my heart. In my thoughts thanking that old man… “Hey man you are too cool…”

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By Anastasia on May 01, 2012 at 05:48 pm

I can resist everything except temptation. :-)

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By Uttam Gill on May 06, 2012 at 07:06 am

Yes times it is

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