Monday, July 16, 2018

Premier of NSW calls for Gangs to be Criminals.

Credit: Jennifer Stone
Many punters just have fun and others sell drugs

The Premier of NSW has announced to fast track the alleged bikie group to be a criminal organisation. The organised crime in NSW has allegedly been shooting from one house to another.

Wake up Australia!!!!!

Allegedly 2009 Hells Angels USA were thinking to disowning Sydney Chapter of Hells Angels due to the links to criminal behaviour. This Criminal behaviour didn't stop, it just went underground. The problem went away, the criminal activity has links to drugs, over who owns this illegal drug money. Companies representing these gangs should have the assets confiscated as the money behind has been huge for the operation to exist.

Yet Kings Cross, has an association with many of the groups that move the drugs through our network to the helpless drug user. Some have been through torture with family breaks, life of beatings, till there nerves are shot. To kill the pain they turn to illegal drugs as the legal drugs haven't worked for them for the pain is so deep.

The government has celebrated 555 criminals being pulled through the court system yet we still have had numerous shootings and I am sure the drugs would have ran last night anywhere in Sydney. Yet on the weekend our King of the Cross was pushing the disorganised crime as the problem. 555 Criminals seems more likely organised crime with a network with a system entrenched and existing.

The saying "once used, a user for life is a reality". If we allow the organised crime cause our society a problem, through meetings, through networks, the money feeding this OMBG we need help to bring calm to the country.

Legalising drugs will in fact abolish most of the city of Sydney's problems by treating these drugs as a drug like the methadone clinics to have the control to the government. Even if the price of the drug stayed the same think how much money all the governments of the world will receive.

Lets get behind moving the governments to control the drugs in all societies. We can all die from smoking yet we allow it to exist, taxed heavily to the governments.

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