Tuesday, July 17, 2018

When War-Mongers Get Miffed About War

If it had happened on their watch, you bet yer booty they'd be crowing all over the place.

So Mitt and his Puppy Pac are in a snit, because That Guy in The White House is justifiably showing off his record to the Amurican Peeps as a part of this, what's it called again? Oh, right, an election campaign. For any who have conveniently forgotten, an election campaign is where you wallop the Other Dude/Dudette whilst simultaneously reminding everyone of what you have heretofore accomplished - at least those things you want everyone to remember, while at the same time trying to help everyone forget what you'd rather they never remember again. So when the Guy reminds everyone on how it was on His Watch that dastardly knave bin Laden got his comuppance, Mitt and his Pups go into overdrive trying to cry Foul! for doing exactly what he would have done had the situation room been reversed, so to speak.

It must really be sticking in the craw of every Far Wrong Republican right now that they can't exactly beat up the Prez on his foreign policy creds. I mean, he's been so bloody hawkish that the Neo-con-jobs have sh*t-fits every time The Prez sends troops around the world to kick some other nasty-astards buttocks in order to Do The Right Thing. That is SO un-Democrat, right? I mean, really!! That is only supposed to happen when the Repubs are In Da House!!

Tsk. Tsk. If The Mitt hopes to sway votes by crying "unfair" about what This Prez did that the Prior Prez failed to do, he is in for a rude shock. Not to mention a major Irony Attack. because it was the foreign policy freak-out of the Bush-ites after 9-11 that pushed us into Iraq, found us sunk to our eyebrows in the muck of Afghanistan, and slowly being sucked into other conflagrations that are a direct outfall of the nasty handiwork of bin Laden. So if This Prez wants to crow a bit about actually Getting The Job Done, I somehow think that Mitty-baby is going to get a first-hand reminder of that special child-hood rant we all remember so well - "I'm rubber, and you're glue, and what bounces off me, sticks to you."

But given the over-all tone-deafness we've seen from Mitty so far, I somehow think he wouldn't even notice all the feathers adhering to his super-polished hide.

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