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King of the Cross....Who is he? What does he stand for?

Australia is a democratic country where we have no King or Queen. In Kings Cross there is a King and a Queen of the Cross. Some have self proclaim themselves as King of the Cross.

Who is the King of the Cross?

A self titled person, yet it made the news in all the papers, television and internet references for someone saying they are the King of the Cross as thou they own it.

If they act like they are a someone, appear to own the Golden Mile Strip Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross yet in reality who are they?

With a person’s name be on title for the business or property? Yet his name is rarely found on documents of ownership. What does this King own? For the Queen of the Cross this right has been bought by business a Madame and respect for the sex workers under her control. A lady who works hard to provide a hotel for her lovely ladies to enjoy the company of many men on the famous Red Light Strip. Years ago it was Madame Tilly Devine, the now Queen of the Cross has been hidden from the limelight. In a tell all story Coming Soon.

In the Cross Fire, a novel based between the lovely patrons and the drug barons that destroyed a passion for her. The Queen of the Cross has her name on the business and has created an award winning newspaper online for all to enjoy “The Kings Cross Sting”. Adding some zest and life to Kings Cross, with all the restrictions, the drug barons that think you are the next target has been a setting for a novel soon to be released.

Kings Cross needs to be treated like any other suburb, as where most of you live the drug barons are not coming into your business? Walk around Kings Cross and the people are buzzing yet the drugged affects are everywhere. Who is the King of the Drugs?

Putting a new business together today in Kings Cross and adjoining suburbs the self professed King of the Cross has been busy doing yet when you dig about the business the money behind is not that person, yet he rules the Golden Mile. The other people in the business deny this King of the Cross is in the business? Why deny? Why hide?

Who is he?

A self proclaimed “ King”. When you look up the meaning of king. The answer I found was a man who holds by lifetenure, and usually by hereditary right, the chief authority over a country , people or valuable asset.

Allegedly by having a King in Kings Cross it could be an understanding of the law makes it very clear you don’t need to be locked up or shackled or beaten in Australia to be in a condition of slavery.

So who is in slavery? It could be the Golden Mile itself, Darlinghurst Road. As these self professed Kings have not been related by blood. Is it the OMBG’s that relate them? It was a person with a similar title of Kings of the Cross or Boss of the Cross that held the position charged with drug dealing. Then before that it was a person charged with tax evasion. Both people non related, yet is there a family that we can relate this too. It seems to be a system, like the army or the police force where you rise through the ranks. Yet for the King, he was a chauffeur like many others around the world.

We don’t want to glorify anything that is related to drug barons, as this is an illegal substance where the governments of the world have lost control. Decriminalise drugs and allow only the governments of the world to sell the product.

The Crown should I believe be able to prove the offence, establish beyond reasonable grounds that the ownership of a town refers to people in charge by democratic methods, not relating to holding any person with any links to the underworld in high esteem.

What is Australia promoting to allow people to be self proclaimed Kings?

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