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by Kire Sdyor (writer), New Shinar, May 02, 2012

At some point your children need to learn how to use small appliances...

Maybe you start out slow by letting them push the vacuum around when they are small. Then you move up to helping load the dishwasher or washing machine. Eventually you let them heat up frozen pizza or french fries in the oven under close supervision. By then you hope they realize that part of being able to perform these tasks using these tools is a privilege and a sign of maturity. By the time they figure out you've tricked them into doing your housework for you, they are in college. Of course like Tom Sawyer having his friends paint the fence, there could be consequences for your actions...

Dad: "What is that hissing sound?"
Mom: "I have no idea. Olympia! What is that hissing sound?"
Olympia (Age 13): "It's just the iron. The water is boiling over."
Mom: "The water is not supposed to boil over."
Olympia: "I just put a little too much in. It's all under control."
Mom: "Where is the iron?"
Olympia: "In the sink."
Mom: "Unplug it!"
Olympia: "Don't worry. It wasn't plugged in when I added the water."
Mom: "There is a fill line."
Olympia: "It's too light to see it. Besides when it overflows I know it's full."
Mom: "It's not supposed to shoot hot steam and water all over the kitchen!"
Olympia: "Well, can you iron this shirt for me then?"

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