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Are You There God? It's Me Ann.

by Kire Sdyor (writer), New Shinar, April 28, 2012

Credit: Kire Sdyor
This window gets a lot of use.

To qualify for sainthood you need to have performed a documented miracle after your death, except in the case of martyrs.

Since my wife Ann is still among the living her only chance of sainthood is martyrdom, which she feels she is on track for. Lately she's been looking for signs from God to help her through the pain and suffering of raising Sdyor children...

Disembodied Voice Coming From 3rd Floor Window: "Ann."

Ann: "Did somebody say something?"

DVCF3FW: "Ann."

Ann: "God is that you?"


Ann: "God, what's my purpose on this earth?"

DVCF3FW: "To shut this window so we can move the ladders."

Ann: "Damn roofers!"

Later that day...

Ann: "...and the roofers must think I'm a nut bag."

James (Age 9): "I didn't know God was a roofer."

Olympia (Age 13): "Why not. His son was a carpenter."

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