Thursday, July 19, 2018

Decriminalise Drugs

The War against Drugs is over, we should surrender and take control. Allowing all the governments of the world to control the illegal industry of drugs. It is expected 25% of all crime will vanish.

Do we need drugs to control our life?

Now, do we need the shoortings, the OMBG’s as the police say causing the terror to the wider community. Do we need the drug barons’ sitting back on deluxe boats, having elaborate houses yet they in itself are promoting a product that causes carnage to so many people. From the poor babieis born with an addiction to the effects for the years on the Mothers that one day wake up and think about what they have done with there life.

Do we need the young lifes lost through overdosing. Even on legal drugs this happens except it is less frequent.

Probabition came about to restrict illegal behaviour which hurts our wider community.

In Kings Cross we have had the war on who controls the drugs and the MONEY.

World wide famous people are getting on board for a call to legalise drugs. There are many declaring that the ‘war on drugs’ had failed, and recommending a international approach. The Global Commission on drug policy which is a respected organisation has the support from former Presidents of Mexico, Colombia and Brazil with the former US secretary of state George Shultz accepting that the world needs to join forces and examine the legalization and the regulation of illegal substances.

By accepting that the drug users are a health problem rather than a criminal problem by regulating the industry this in itself has cut immediate health problems by 25%.

All countries have regulated nicotine and alcohol to allow the people to utilize these addictive drugs in a way that we all allow it. Nicotine is the most addictive drug in the world, yet our health and court system is plagued by herion addicts stealing to make the money for the drug of habit they chose.

Many of you will have a drink even reading a paper of a night, or a book yet it is acceptable when we control the affects. By legalizing drugs the criminal world has lost the war on the money, on the exchanging of stolen goods for drugs.

Decriminalising drugs and focus on providing treatment to drug users in a bid to bring an end to the destructive cycle of addiction.

Richard Branson has been pushing for a pro-reform camp, in his speech he advised: "Our commission found that in countries where drug addiction was decriminalised and regarded as a public health problem, there were decreases in crime, decreases in the number of addicts, and improvements in overall public health."

Like Australia many countries like Portugal have decriminalized the use and passion of drugs since 2001. By setting up clinics where heroin users have access to needles and methadone along with treatment for addiction. Portugal has reduced the users especially amoung the young people.

Yet Australia is doing this in Kings Cross where drugs are sold on the street to hidden in the buildings. We have left control with the criminal element that is the problem. Fuelling these OMBG’s to hold the country to ranson.

Drugs can be a hugely controversial issue not just to the user, to the people that are affected by the crime that is committed to run the drugs. By legalizing some use of the drugs like nicotine in cigarettes with high restrictions under medical supervision this will curb the funds spent for the world against this war on drugs. The police worldwide with undercover operations to find the sources of the drugs. Yet in Sydney the drugs on our streets cause massive health and financial problems to the wider community.

Researching replacement affects that would be better new wave of psychoactive substances, better known as "legal highs”.

Many of the drug users to begin with years ago were abusing nicotine, then alcohol then they would move to the hard drugs. Today the young just move to the bottles of water with a touch of G, or Ice smoked in the glass pipes that are sold so freely legally for an illegal use.

Allegedly many of these drug users sell drugs for the habit and have a hand out for the unemployment benefits.

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