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Thinking that if war comes, we will win and they will smash is no more an intelligent assumption because no body would remain, as everyone is having weapons of mass destruction.

Redundant stuff had been produced on issues like Global Warming, pollution within and outer space, depletion of Ozone layer above and ground water levels below and endangerment to Bio-diversity around the globe, through Global work-shops, seminars and symposiums. What has been yielded from such efforts is quite invisible, because, the Business State concept has replaced the ‘Welfare State’ concept quite long back. Profits for few have become predominant activity of the governments than the ‘welfare’ of many around the world. So, blowing with the Conch in the deaf ears yields nothing. Land, water, air and space polluting new industries are being established every day and radio-active levels in the atmosphere have been growing with the establishment of Thermal Power plants, in all nooks and corners of the world. Forests in Hectares and Hectares of lands are being replaced everyday with poision emitting industries in underdeveloped countries, to raise their status on par with developed nations. With all such deeds we found a great consequence i.e. depletion of protective Ozone layer and ‘GLOBAL WARMING’. And to lessen it, we found some other great words ‘EARTH HOUR’ and ‘EARTH DAY’ etc. which even a school going kid can say that are useful for nothing, like a glass of water poured in a dried up river to fill it!!! Because the Global Warming demon is so indomitably enormous, that practicing one ‘Earth Day’ or one ‘Earth Hour’ in a year reveals our innocence and foolishness. Like a Disease has become so dangerously chronic but the dosage given is one dry pill every year, sans tincture. So cure is never possible.

Depletion of Ozone layer and damage caused to different earth protecting natural gaseous spheres above our heads is resulting in strange experiences to the people around the world now and then, to watch mysterious fire balls streaking across the sky in day or night times and scaring the public that some objects appearing like small Suns are going to dictch our earth one day or the other. The most recent Fire Ball that appeared in Texas and some other places in U.S. is only a sample that scared us a lot. But if once, the atmospheric gas sphears that are protecting us all these billions of years, if once destroyed by our technological misdeeds, to count how many such fireballs ditched us, we and our Satellites will not be there, certainly.

It may be a great pleasure to our little minds today has passed unscathed, what happens tomorrow is not known to our Satellites or to our scientific brains. Despite our advanced scientific knowledge, several Tsunamis has washed us away and several earthquakes have shaked our bottoms making us to run from pillar to post, and in such moments our knowledge has not saved us, but completely shaved our priggishness.

WARNING: While these are some naturally disastrous aspects, the another most immediate dangerous aspect is, that we are scratching our own heads with fire sticks and want to set ourselves ablaze, through our ARMS RACE, production of ICBMs, and other lethal weaponary not to hit some unknown assumed Alein enemies but to hit our own heads. U.S. warnings to Iran, North Korea and China; and North Korea, Iran and Chinese warnings to U.S. and South Korea or China warning the Phillipines and Japan or any other two inimical nations warning each other to suppress each other with the boldness of their dangerous Nuclear and other formidable weapons, not only results in each wiping out the other to make the “Mayan Calender” Dooms Day or some other predictions of Prophet-seers, true. They were not infact Scientists as per our modern standards, but they are more than Scientists in my view, because they were aware of the future humans’ self-destructive tendencies and behaviour and their past predictions seems to be nearing true, with the rampantly growing enimity between the nations, holding formidable weapons of mass destruction. This is the most impending danger than the Natural Disastrers that destroy us on installment basis.

But the mass destruction and instantaneous deaths are inevitable if we mishandle and mis-manage our own behaviour and thinking, with spurious warnings by each other to dominate on the other, for having lethal weapons in hands, the destruction of mankind is only just behind our backs. So, our well being or not well being depends not merely on the “Global Warming”, but weather our very existence or non-existence depends more instantaneously on the Global level Warnings issued by each nation to others. Thinking that if war comes, we will win and they will smash is no more an intelligent assumption; no body would remain, because everyone is having weapons of mass destruction. This is the Global Warning. By dchaitanya.

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By sreedhar on April 30, 2012 at 01:31 am

I really appritiate this and finally I feel we are inviting our own end ourselves. We should not doubt on the end of the world by 2012 it is sure that more or less we are very near to it.

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