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Legalise the Drugs and Crime will halve

Today, protection money is asked from brothels, even thou they are a legal business in the heart of Sydney. The Drug runners ask for money with an air of authority.

Drugs are probably the root to many of the unsolved murders and disappearances within Kings Cross. One of those Juanita may be hidden with in this building in Kings Cross where the alleged asking for money that was asked for ranged from $10000, to $2500 a week to $100000.00. Brothels are a legal business where I come from in Sydney Australia, well this brothel is legal. The asking for Protection money to open this business has been endless, some call it extortion others promote it as an advertising cost. In Australia we have had many Royal Commissions pushing for the unveiling of the hidden black market and how it is being done. Drugs need to be regulated, the control of the drugs need to relate directly to the government.

Living though the extortion, the asking for money on a daily, to an hourly basis with just a finger movement. Or having the heavies inside your business and not able to operate unless you pay these low life's of society the drug runners.

Promoting, they tell you your business. The only promoting is to stop these mobs of drug runners and dealers from destroying your business.

Firstly they discredit you, then they push the boundaries to have the police involved just to scare you except this time it went to far!

Why does this brothel become extorted 1985-86, 2003, 2010,2011-2012? The Royal Commissions didn't stop the extortion, it only stops when the business is shut. The protected people KX1 and KX6 both under police protection came from this same premises in the Royal Commission.

Drug dealers come in through your front door, to keep them out the only way is to shut the door. The violence was escalating with each day this brothel is open.

Legalise the drug industry, allegedly Kings Cross is out of control with the amount of drug barons all relating back to one or two people.

Legalise the drugs and the shootings all over Sydney will stop!

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By dchaitanya on May 01, 2012 at 01:39 am

In past prostitution was offence, but not it is legalised. Today drug related crimes are still crimes. If we ask to legalise the drugs and drug dealer activities today, tomorrow some other criminals would come forward and ask to legalise their crimes. Next even murderers would come forward and ask their murder activities may get legalised.

So, this is not the way. Police must grow efficient and daring, No prolonged prosecutions. Properly identify and shoot at point blank the drug criminals or any other criminals who are distrubing the peace in society. If ten such steps are taken, eleventh step would not be available for the police immediately. They have to search and search to hunt the criminals.

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By Jennifer Stone on May 01, 2012 at 09:35 am

All countries allow cigarettes, alcohol many years ago these products were illegal. Cigarettes cause more deaths than any other product world wide. I dont agree, legalising drugs is a product. Many people utilise these drugs from as they say from the police to the parliamentarians. We need help to control the outbreak of fighting between groups in Australia.

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By Jennifer Stone on May 25, 2012 at 05:28 am

Last night the drug running was happening Kings Cross. Did the police see it? Well, they were still moving many trades and deals as I watched hidden away.

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