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Round One: In Which Mitty Gets His Oats

by Notumbus Bumbus (writer), Where I am right now., April 24, 2012

Squibble-squabble all year long, but the cows need milking, and the hens ain't up to the job.

So, the fight is on. Well, sort of. Mitt is trying to wind up his hot-air jalopy so as to appear situated as far to the Wrong as possible (don't want to upset those tea-sipping mooks), and That Guy In The White House is finding himself in a minefield planted by his own troops (Vegas, Columbia, everybody just wants to have fun, I suspect.) Mitt trots out his runner-up horse Marco Polo, but cinches the harness up too tight, while Obama's Best Bud Biden takes on a near-sepulcheral air, eliciting funereal snide asides. The rhetoric, ala Bultler, makes none of us give a damn, but fiddle-de-dee if we aren't going to have to bear up under it's daily assault, yet come out of it with less knowledge, from either side of the ring, that when we first came to the fight.

Our problem, and by that I mean your problem, Nation, is betting on our own false assumptions. First, by permitting either corner of this fight to define what "we" really want, when it's become quite clear that "we" haven't any idea at all what it is we really want. Nor, as clearly, what "we" really need. The economy, you say. Jobs, you say. Values, you say. Drive the other idiots out, you say. More wealth, you say. More sharing, you say. Less government, you say. More regulation, you say. Apparently, "you", that is, "we" say a lot. It makes "us" seem like little more than a Nation full of bobble-heads. Frankly "I" am getting dizzy.

Face it - "they", the politicians - are jerking us all over the place for their own amusement. Well, that, and their drive to keep the basic assumptions about our economy, our culture, our vaunted "way of life" (a more ambiguous phrase has never been uttered,) from being questioned in a serious and sustained manner. Because if we did so, if we decided that the way things have been and are still being done in this falsely-labeled capitalist system are not working for most of us, are actually speeding us on our way down the long-distance rat-hole, well, we would more likely than not run every one of these kooks out of town on a rail. "They" have no idea what "we" want, because "we" haven't a clue ourselves. And why is that? Why are we such yo-yo's on the basics? Why do we keep voting against our own self-interests?

I suspect it's because "they" have for generations realized how to keep the sheep from looking up. Because if "we" did, we would see that the farmer's dog is not, in fact, a dog. And that's not a staff in the farmer's hand. It's a carving knife.

Now. hold still.

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