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Black Tuesday the celebration of poverty


To be an apprentice of love and truth one must always see yourself in the eyes of others less fortunate than thy self.

Although your experience is far different that others and even if you can't completely comprehend their condition we must never jump to conclusions by appearing self righteous or overtly opinionated. That is the loving facts of it all, but the loving truth is quite a different matter. To be truthful (with love in mind) one must examine the facts while tempering the presentation of those facts modestly, and we can't honestly do this if we are to take the word of the news intermediaries concerning the facts, we must investigate the facts for ourselves. Once your research has reached its pinnacle then and only then can you effectively and honestly give rise to the truth. Because of your research, you will have lived the life of your subject, experiencing their reality and truth.

As a rich kid growing up knowing only security, wealth and sovereignty it might be a little awkward trying to understand the plight of a poor person, a homeless person or people who live without rights and freedoms. To condemn without research or with no more than what you've heard the official media expose to us is as of little use towards the universal truth, and further expose us all to that same kind of misjudgment in the future. That's like jurors who go to court to try a case not knowing anything about the law, awarding the judge the opportunity to misrepresent the law to them (the jurors) and therefore misdirecting the case in question.

Homelessness is not just a civil socio Political problem since it elongates across continents and cultures, it is a disease that infects all of humanity and only humanity can resolve it. Everyone in our society complains about the homeless and the poor but what are they really complaining about, is it because we are sick of smelling these unwashed demons who pollute our civil streets and subways or is it because we are sick and tired of our own consciousness nagging us each time we see one of them or when they ask us for some pennies (you know that chump change we throw away on nonsense things). We complain to politicians expecting them to do something about this inconvenience never stopping to wonder why we have to ask this of them (the government) in the first place.

In Africa there lives millions of poverty stricken, homeless starving people who have somehow survived for hundreds of years in this condition, while all around them they see big corporations operating in their country meticulously extracting diamonds, gold, silver, oil, minerals, and wealth from Africa, yet all we have to say is why don’t those people stop having children that they can not feed. In essence we don’t offer them life by sending them help but we wish them death by confiscating their wealth and by telling them not to struggle to survive. In America we have all kinds of laws that are designed to control the poor and homeless, not with love and assistance but with policing methods that condemn the poor to their plight. For example one law says that homeless people are not permitted to panhandle on subways and yet they can not get a job, welfare or any social help unless they have a place of residence. (whose idea was this? Probably our government) We permit laws that are by nature assisting the problems and its continuation rather than retiring the problem through sanctioning the causes of the problem. Homeless people can't ask for money, can't stay on the train, can't sit at a public place be it the park or anywhere, cannot sleep anywhere, get abused by the police profiling them and the general public, some have lost their mental faculties, and they are immensely afraid to go to a shelter because it is life threatening and unsafe. Homeless people have civil and human rights regardless of their race, creed, color or economic status.

Should you desire to investigate you may find that homelessness like poverty is a manufactured problem, a problem that if the government desired it to be vanquished tomorrow morning it would be so. I submit that it is not government that is responsible but the fellow citizens of the world, because these people no matter what condition you find them in, and no matter what state of mind they are in they are first and foremost a human being, second they are an American, otherwise they are global citizens and one of the members of the human race.

If you should take nothing that I said in accord just remember this one bit of information, this condition, this disease that infects so many lives throughout the world could also infect each and every one of us in the future --remember the depression stock market crash on October 29, 1929, known as Black Tuesday. ...Now lets do some research

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By Parker on December 03, 2007 at 05:28 pm
- to be an apprentice of love and truth one must always see yourself in the eyes of others less fortunate than thy self. Credo beautiful
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By Credo on December 09, 2007 at 06:29 pm
Thanks again......... Credo
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