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Weather it would be Yellow Sea Naval exercises by Russia and China, or U.S.-Philippines Military exercises, several of the old arms would be disposed off in Sea, Land and Air.

The Joint-Military exercises conducted by the Nations often in the sea, land or air in the guise of battle training maneauvers or as part of enhancing their war-alert capabilities, is now understood, in fact not meant for that purposes but for the purpose of disposing off the shot gun ammunition, old artillery, mortar cartridges, shells, bombs, small missiles and some other unserviceable small arms and also to keep some of their armoury, defense vehicles, aircraft and battle ships in running condition, to avoid getting rust if kept unused for long time. But the primary intention is the former one, and the later is only secondary aspect irrespective of the consequences of endangerment to Bio-diversity and environment.

So, it could be understood that the intentions behind offer to conduct Joint-Military, Naval or Air exercises by big powers with small developing nations is three fold. One is to keep active the existing armory and defense equipment, to avoid natural course of damage due to their non-usage and the second one is to dispose off their outdated armoury at the off shores of the small nations and in their territorial waters and finally on the pretext of providing training, disposing some of their existing weapons that are in hands of the Trainee nations and later encouraging them to buy the latest arms manufactured by the Security agencies operating in the big countries. So, in one way it is to dispose off the old arms in their hand at their lands, and getting disposed their own arms in their environment and encouraging them to buy the new arms, to get equipped for the future battles.

Truly speaking these joint-military exercises never got the people’s mandate in their respective nations? It is the ambitions and aggressive policies of few global leaders are being rubbed on the people around the world because some of the leaders of the underdeveloped countries will drool on seeing the war technology, armoury of the advanced nations and accept the proposals of big nations to conduct joint-defense exercises with them, within their territorial waters only, unmindful of its consequences. Big nations have never permitted or invited the underdeveloped nations for conduction of joint-military operations or defense training at their territorial waters or on the high-seas when the training involved real time testings and execution of some arms.. Such defense-exercises are always conducted in the territorial waters or near by the small nations or on their lands. The consequences that are resulted out of such joint-military exercised are always suffered by such small nations that invited or accepted the military training provided by the big nations.

Whenever the Security Agencies in the Developed nations are inventing the modern arms with sophisticated operative technologies, the stockpiling of old arms has become a big head ache for the Developed nations and they found that Arms-Trade or Joint-military exercised with small nations is the good way to dispose some of their outdated arms, without resorting to any new wars. While United States and many NATO nations have disposed most of their old arms, ammunition, missiles and some other lethal weapons during the U.S.-Allies Vs.Iraq war in 1999-2000 in ‘Operation Desert Storm’ and later in 2003 war, and also in recent Afghan war and subsequently in the ‘Operation Odyssey Dawn’ in Libya most recently, still heavy stockpiles of old arms are with the Big nations and they found Joint-Defense exercised with smaller nations and their allies is the another good way to dispose off their remaining unused arms, during the joint-military trainings and also to leave in their territories some of them after the exercises are completed, as a tip to them. Poor minded leaders of underdeveloped nations would consider such act as a big favour to them. It is a smooth way for big nations to dispose of their unserviceable old stockpiles in an honorable manner on installment basis, in the guise of joint-military exercises with their small allies.

In fact this kind of highly realistic International Politics by big nations is endangering the safety and security of the people around the world. On one hand while preaching words like global peace, disarmament, tensions free secured world at Global forums, and simultaneously conducting joint-military exercises endangering the Bio-diversity, environment and oceans and atmosphere, reveals the fraudulent intentions of some global leaders, that their political and strategic ambitions are more important for them, than the safety, security and well being of the people, nature and ocean properties around the world.

Wheather it would be Yellow Sea Naval exercises by Russia and China, or U.S.-Phillipines Military exercises, several of the old arms would be disposed off in the Sea, Land and Air, because the Mother Nature is there as mute spectator to bear all the dangerous activities of her sons. By dchaitanya.

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