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Let Me Xplain the Xclaim ;)

by Kire Sdyor (writer), New Shinar, April 13, 2012

Credit: Steve Jobs created, I just pay the bill
These are the only words I understand in a text message

On rare occasions I get to spend five minutes with my oldest son, Brady (Age 19). Our conversations inevitably turn to cultural events or observations...

I thought as he got older his views would come in line with what I perceive to be the adult generation. Now I think I may be outnumbered and have to come around to their way of thinking...

Brady: "AFAIC ur generation uses 2 many xclamation points"
Dad: "Just in general or someplace specific?"
Brady: "evrywhere text email FB twitter do I need 3 xclamation points to tell me ur kids team 1 a game"
Dad: "Exclamation points mean added emphasis when non-verbal communication is taking place. Your generation should embrace the exclamation point. All you have is non-verbal communication."
Brady: "SOZ im T@Y right now im ALOL @ u"
Dad: "Your generation has completely given up on punctuation of any kind. Kids are handing in English papers written in acroymn for God sake. On top of that they're receiving A's. It's out of control!"
Brady: "i ACK IJS u guys use 2 many xclamation points bsides language is changing FTASB UNT adapt"
Dad: "There needs to be a standard that everyone follows. What about Esperanto? Sign Language? Something we can all understand. Where are you going?"
Brady: "AD for today c ya"

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