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The Argentina soccer talent-Di Stefano

by Virgina (writer), , April 13, 2012

Before Bailey and Marodona, Di Stefano was the most sophisticated football player of world.

Before Bailey and Marodona, Di Stefano was the most sophisticated football player of world. His independence with football flair stood in the world than 20 years, he was hailed as a "football talent" with the "Golden Arrow" reputation.

Alfred Di • Stefano was born in a peasant family in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1926. Near his home there was a pasture. Usually people also played football here. Stefano was 6-year-old he began playing football. He was short in thin physique with stiff action, especially his poor left foot. Someone joked: "it is a dream to play football well with the poor left foot." What the heard reminded him and stirred up his winning idea. From then on, he took exercise with left foot and made fast progress. At the age of twelve, he joined the ParanaLa Plata team to become a professional player; in his 17 years old, he became the main of the Halliwell team; and when he was twenty years old, he joined the most famous River Plate in Argentina and he played three years in the team and twice won the Argentine league titles, three times runner-up and twice won the title of top scorer.

In 1947, Stefano joined the national team. To wear the soccer jersey and Argentina short was his great dream. But at that time, there were A Galaxy of Talents in Argentina; it was not easy to enter the national team. Thanks to the national team coach Batista Velay with bright eyes for excellence, he appreciated the skills and character of Stefano. In that year, he represented the national team to play in six games and scored six goals. Since then, he was famous and well known to the world.

In 1947, Stefano as a member of the national team campaigned the South American Football Championship. Because of that Ponti Tony limped off in the first game against Bolivia, Stefano had the opportunity to come off the bench and got a good opportunity to show his talent. And he lived up to expectations; in the first half he scored a goal.

And later he joined millionaire team; he worked for three years and won the National League champions three times for the team. Later he played for Real Madrid club for eleven years, when was the most glorious era of Real Madrid. Among the years, Stefano consecutively won five times National League champion, five times European Champions Cup and one Intercontinental Club Cup champions for the team. He totally played 510 games for Real Madrid played and scored 413 goals and five times was named as the top scorer in Europe and twice as the European Footballer. It is very good to wear a Fulham Soccer Uniforms and Argentina Shorts.

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