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Unholy Nexus

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), April 07, 2012

I know somewhere, the typewriters under dictating terms, calibrating the mood of masses and just waiting for another story, with succulent description. Such stories sell but they rarely strengthen a n

Anything which is conceivable to divert, to lie, and to suppress, with an aim to make a headline, is the emerging doctrine that shows up in our headlines.

This perceptible shift in the investigative journalism is certainly alarming. What is perhaps even more horiffying is to watch the reaction of ordinary people.

The dramatic tendency of their reaction indicates a calamity of thoughts that over time appears to typically degenerate to extreme subservience, to faceless accussations, yet powerful lobbies of corruption.

The captivated audience of this great nation, who also happens to be custodians of the democratic values of our country, is being subjected to an orchestration of the kind the likes of which this country has never witnessed. We are experiencing a phenomenal degeneration. Contained within each headline and the degenerative reaction by the masses of readers the result are we are destroying individual lives and a nation.

The brain behind the methodical aggression and the pointed urgency resides in the deep nexus of corrupt beneficiaries. We are watching the macabre display of arrogance and depleting standards of reporting.

The story and the story lines, lack stinging punches of authenticity and the authors gain notoriety and that is exactly what he wanted. In the absolute management of corruption everybody with self-interest is conniving. They pull all resources under their undue influence so as to deliver a concocted version of a situation, one that is most often designed to deceive and to conceal for the purpose of increasing readership, power and influence.

How people react and that includes my very dear friends is shockingly naive and dangerous. Certainly a constrained attitude that lends itself to cozy conditions is an easier path to pass than that of a man that holds himself to high levels of integrity. For years now most men have lived in a comfort and been led by this conniving, selfish trend, often unconsciously and unknowingly strengthening the hands of a devil.

Nation building is an issue that must be taken seriously. Even if one does not possess the necessary abilities of introspection and analysis to correct the mistakes in judgment it is necessary for those who do possess such abilities to combine their efforts to ensure the truth and nature of what many do not question as facts to be brought to light. Fighting and establishment has never been easy and requires courage of the utmost heights.

The typewriters, as of now, continue unfettered, under dictating terms, calibrating the mood of masses and just waiting for the next story that can be told with succulent description and the resultant destruction. Such story sells but it never builds its nation.

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By Barbara MacDonald on April 07, 2012 at 04:26 pm

Reading that this is happening... (I feel the passion you are writing with)...I know you now for over 7 years, and know you to hold your country with the integrity of the soldier you have been and will always be...this is alarming, and yes is something we also deal with in Canada...There are what we call many "rag" newpapers that people prefer to read as opposed to illegimate jouralism with fact based reporting...and yes I do wonder how many lives are ruined in the name of greed and the almighty dollar. This avaricious sitution is alarming on all fronts. Filling their pockets by pure deception of the innocent.......very well written Uttam, as always... perhaps you could explain this in more detail at some point.

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By dchaitanya on April 08, 2012 at 02:22 am

Well castigated on evilsome writings.

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By TonyBerkman on April 08, 2012 at 02:43 am

For whatever reason it's an evil that has possessed men since early times. There are few people that have ever done great things that have not been the victim of fraud perpetrated by the media or others with the means to communicate. The problem is heightened somewhat by the freedom that we all now have to write and distribute our writings. This latter problem probably outweighs the challenge of the former that left the power to influence in the hands of a few. There will always be those among us who feel safer as part of a 'tribe' than as individuals that are able to discern the truth for themselves. I find your article extremely thought provoking and a very interesting aspect of certain individual's needs to harm others as well as their country by telling lies and twisting truths.

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By Barbara MacDonald on April 08, 2012 at 01:14 pm

Very true Tony, if you are in the public eye you have to be prepared to judged and held to task...even unjustly at times...Having these freedoms does complicate this, but still is necessary if we wish to live in a world that is not dictated by others beliefs...

"I find your article extremely thought provoking and a very interesting aspect of certain individuals needs to harm others as well as their country by telling lies and twisting truths."....this happens all the time, in all countries... it is especially evident now with the upcoming elections...the question then becomes, what is YOUR TRUTH ??? And as you rightly said will it be a "tribe " decision or based on your own thoughts and values...

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By Uttam Gill on April 10, 2012 at 10:36 am

Thanks Barb and Tony for your analytical comments...I must say scenario round the globe is very grim...People are frustrated...The growing discontentment can be gauged from the uprisings in many part of the world….Enough is enough…common man is suffering…he is angry…he is restless…He is questioning…He is awakening…

@Barb I will surely say more about this in detail

@Thanks Chaitanaya

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By Barbara MacDonald on April 10, 2012 at 02:09 pm

Thanks Uttam. yes do write more about this please...

There is a saying that perhaps applies here..."Anger is the backbone to healing"...yes I agree and sense that society is very much in a place of awakening. We can always hope.

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