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101 Uses For a Box

by Kire Sdyor (writer), New Shinar, March 31, 2012

Credit: 2012 Kire Sdyor
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Remember your first few Christmas after having a child. You wanted so badly to give them the best gifts you could.

You scrimped and saved and looked at sale inserts out of the paper. Stood in long lines the day after Thanksgiving. Punched some guy in the nose who was trying to grab the last must have item for toddlers on the shelf. Wrapped it up nice with bows and ribbons. You waited with pained anticipation for weeks until finally Christmas morning came. Your little one ripped through the paper like they were a badger chasing a rabbit down a hole until finally they spent the morning playing with the box the item came in. Some things never change...

James (Age 9): "Mom. I have no clothes to put on.

"Mom: "Wrap yourself in a towel and go get dressed in your room. Your old enough to remember clothes after you shower."

James: "OK. I'm sexy and I know it!"

Olympia (Age 13): "Bwwaaahhahaha! Mom, check this out."

Mom: "James, get out of the kitchen and put some clothes on.

James: "OK. I'm sexy and I know it!"Dad: "He can dance."

Mom: "I'd rather it wasn't naked around the house."

Olympia: "Mom, he's dressed!"

James: "Do you like my newest dress creation. Lady Gaga will be wearing one any day now."

Dad: "Maybe he'll grow up to be a clothing designer."

Mom: "I don't think so. I think he's going to put himself through college stripping."

Dad: "I'm more afraid he'll be thrown out of college and will have to live in that box."

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