Friday, September 21, 2018

The Mindar

by gt281 (writer), State of Denial, September 21, 2018

They are the destroyers of worlds and planets

The Mindar are an ancient race

From the beginning of all things

To the end of all, they have been

Travelers through forgotten realms of

Space and time

Their ships forge through the blackness

With gossamer wings and

Spider web sails

They are the destroyers of worlds and planets

Builders of golden ships without number

Living in diamond cites reaching beyond the sky

Dwellers of the ancient forest of Thurop 5

Seekers of all knowledge

Users of all that is forbidden

Sailing among the stars, moons and quasars

Frozen within the dune seas of Juntian moons

Newborn among the celestial lights

Remembered for their heaven sent ways

In oceans deep and vast they wait

Along treeless sand plains they ride

Striking with terror those who dwell in the sky

Searchers of the golden riches untold

Defenders of the timid and weak

They go forth undaunted by Time’s shadow

They are the ones you know, but are not yet here

Riding above on dragon wings

Swimming under the granite canyons

The Mindar are creatures of time

But you will only see them

If I can release them from my mind…………………

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