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Religion, Sex, Politics, It's All In The Eyes of...

by Notumbus Bumbus (writer), Where I am right now., March 15, 2012

The beholder? The fruit-loops? My point of view, but not yours?

When it comes to the Big Issues, like religion, sex, politics, and, for sake of a Fourth Horseman, sports, truth is, well, not true. Except from the perspective of the speaker. So it should really be no surprise to hear the new levels of hyperbole and hypocrisy we are getting from the various encampments these days. Even those fields of endeavor, like science, that seek real facts as the basis for managing our cultures and lives have been twisted beyond recognition to meet the needs of the yahoos currently beating the rest of us over our heads all in service to their righteous indignation. Its enough to make a pig give up fake bacon.

But those of us who would like to see an end to this slew of sewage have a duty to call the hyperbole when we see it, or we will just have to keep being bombarded by this crude-oil verbiage for the indefinite future. And speaking of crude oil, lets look at one case in point - the price of gasoline.

It's all Obama's fault - at least, that's what the hyperbole on the right would have all believe. But ask them to explain just exactly how he accomplishes this stupendous bit of economic piracy, and all you get in return is "drill, baby, drill," and "pipeline obstructionist." Now, on that pipeline issue? The truth of that little deal is it isn't even going to bring any more gasoline into this country in the first place. It's just using the property of private citizens of this country to carry the crude to a refinery all the way down in, yep, Texas, for refinement, and then - wait for it - shipment to China and other Asian ports. That's right - none of the final product will go into your SUV or Henry's Volvo - we will just be a way-station. Will there be a few jobs for US workers? Sure, but the operative word here is "few." Once that oil is loaded onto tankers - ships, I mean - it's gone baby gone. So exactly how does this Administrations decision to delay, and slightly re-route, this pipeline increase the cost at the pump? Well, it doesn't - except when the oil speculators, in order to pressure the Administration to get out of the way of THEIR profits, intentionally increase speculation in order to - wait for it again - drive up the price at the pump, and then blame the President. Nice touch, right? Just without a grain of truth. But who cares? We can make the truth anything we want it to be, right?

And then there's that "drill, baby, drill" mantra so easily thrown around today. But wait! There's more - er, less - truth on this one, too! It turns out that, by the Petroleum Instituter's own statistics, there are more new ells operating on US soil than at any point in the past thirty years. Plus the frakking forces are setting new records - well, for the acquisition of property, at least. And as for new oil leases? Again, more have been issued under this Administration than in all of the Bush years. But there is one little point that always seems to get missed in all of this "drill" talk - the number of wells and new leases neither guarantee a serious boost in production of actual gasoline and other petroleum products, nor predict when or if this may indeed occur. In another fact, it usually takes five, ten, even fifteen years before any given well really pays off.

But that must be Obama's fault, too. Well, since we all get to make stuff up, here's mine - when Jesus wept? It wasn't for the so-called Right. It's because of them, and their track record on the twisting of truth.

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