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When Denile's Oil Drys Up, Switch to BioDiesel


The beginning of this month the UN released its report on climate change and before we all stopped everything to stare mouth agape at the unfortunate events in Virginia an intense debate raged over it

Though the VT killings are by no means unworthy of some serious attention and discussion, for now I would like to return our attention to matters that we can actually change.

This Sunday, April 22, marks the 37th anniversary of the official nationwide declaration of Earth Day. I realize, for some, this day is seen as nothing more than an excuse for throngs of dirty sandal wearers to take to the streets in a cloud of pot smoke carrying signs and annoying SUV owners. However, with such eminent conservatives and former environmental hedonists as Governor Schwarzenegger apparently joining the ranks of the Green, and with all the new evidence whether scientific or flat out right in front of our face, is it finally possible for those doubters of global warming to actually concede the debate and begin to lend a hand to prevent a growing environmental catastrophe?

The fact is cleaning up after ourselves and removing human pollution should not intrinsically hold a political bias. Who wants to go into a wilderness where beer cans and fast food wrappers are your rocks and foliage, whether your there to dance naked and bang on drums, or bag a sixteen point elk with a high powered rifle. To both of these naturalists the very definition of the word nature is the same; as little human imprint as possible. Whether that imprint is garbage in the bushes, a billow of toxic smoke from the steel industry, or animal waste run off from a factory farm, the imprint upon the environment is undeniable to both sides of the campaign trail when it destroys the wilderness they wish to escape into. Though they follow different political leaders they both long for the same recreation free from these spoils of civilization.

It would take a pretty blind eye not to see that the earth is getting hotter, storm systems are getting more intense, glaciers are melting, and many animal species including our own are in danger throughout the world. The evidence is in and the scientific community is absolutely certain the planet is in peril and we need to act now.

So given that its possible to accept this evidence and still remain critical of the conclusion, the skeptic has levied the argument that we need not panic to the level that the global warming crowd has asserted because they hold that human ingenuity will invent us a way out of the crisis.

Well, in a way perhaps they are right. That time is now. The technology is here. The question is, when do we start using it?

A major portion of this recent report from the UN is devoted to the many industrial and economic advantages of ecologically sound business practices and technologies. More and more major companies find that becoming green actually earns them more money. Technology exists which makes it possible to keep and increase the advantages of industry while leaving the earth intact. Everything from energy efficient halogen light bulbs which are as easy to replace as the joke contends, to entire overhauls of home and automobiles are available on the market right now and many of the technologies quickly pay for themselves.

A special earth day episode of MTV's Pimp My Ride will air this Sunday at 1pm ET/PT on MTV and it features Governor Schwarzenegger and his 800 horse power 1965 Chevy Impala, which will thunder by very quickly on one hundred percent biodiesel. The Governor states to the MTV cameras, "You can have an engine that's fast and furious and still reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 30 to 40 percent, this is the future". This conversion can be accomplished by anyone for a relatively small amount of money right now. The technology actually has been around for some time. In France, for instance there has been so much backyard cooking of biodiesel gasoline that an entire special branch of the police has been created to literally "smell" out illegal biodiesel engines in cars due to their signature aroma of . . . (you guessed it), french fries.

Of course, unless your a master of chemistry or until the infrastructure to provide this fuel becomes more available I wouldn't recommend scheduling an appointment. That said, exactly what, or better yet, who is holding up this infrastructure?

At the current price of $3.69 per gallon I spend about $35.00 to fill my six cylinder and I cannot imagine what people pay to fill their giant SUV's and pickups, which is not to mention how much more often they have to fill their tanks (pun not intended). So, in a way the people who are filling the pockets of the oil companies more than any are those that voted to place the leaders in power that allow this robbery to continue. Surely I can't be the only one to notice this irony.

The environmental movement, up until now it would seem, is the sole property of the Democratic party. It is true, of course, in many cases the upper echelons of the GOP consists of Oil execs and CEO's of corporations which have no interest in the planet other than that which produces the most profit for the shareholder. That said in a party which consists primarily of voters in rural communities, farmers, ranchers, and people who live closely connected to the earth, how is it possible that republicans don't care about the environment?

How has this issue become so polarized. The fault cannot solely rest on the shoulders of the GOP. The Democratic party namely particular members like Al Gore who claim to be the voice of the planet have done a great deal of labeling and political name calling which many times appears to do a lot more toward blaming republicans and gathering votes then it does for the environment.

Though there are a myriad of changes recommended by the UN report which needs to take place more sooner than later, perhaps the greatest need for the most amount of reasons both environmentally and politically is for Americans to stop guzzling Mideastern oil as if there is literally no tomorrow. The truth is that the technology currently exists to create, almost over night, an entire industry with countless jobs available here in this country in areas that need it the most, the agricultural heartland. An area of the country that continues to vote to keep these jobs nonexistent and the revenue that they would produce for their poverty stricken rural communities, in the hands of terrorists.

Let us set aside politics and stop truly emboldening the enemy. Let us switch to biodiesel.

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By V on April 28, 2007 at 10:28 am
Wow, I was expecting a forty entries here of a back and forth with El G. Not like him to not try to massacre this. Thanks for writing this Charles!
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