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It Really Doesn't Matter Who Wins in Republican-Land

by Notumbus Bumbus (writer), Where I am right now., March 11, 2012

The Plan is in motion, and the Fix is in - Big Whoop, right?

While the argument can be made that there are many sorts of Republicans, the truth is, there are just two kinds. You have your basic republicans, who operate from their convictions, regardless of what portion of the Right spectrum they cleave to. And then you have your Insiders, who cleave to one thing, and one thing only - Money. This second type will use all the appropriate verbiage to con, er, convince the basic republicans that it is in their best interest to "fall in line" by pandering to various portions of the Right spectrum. When it appears more beneficial to keep the Money flowing by pandering to the farthest nut-job aspects of the spectrum, they will not hesitate to do so. And when, say, during the General election part of their life-cycle, it is better to pander to their middle (not, of course, the over-all middle - heaven forbid!) then they swing, er, flip-flop over the gunwales and flop all over the deck with a smirk and a wink, and feel no shame for the effort.

So in truth, there is no real difference between any of the current Repub crop - they are all merely placeholders for the Money to find its way to the eventual winners, who, without any trace of irony, jump to do the bidding of the real Masters - the Corporate Oligarchs who have been seeking real control of this so-called democracy for, well, since the beginning of the Republic. But especially in the past thirty years or so, where all that Money was aimed, and rightfully so (pun alert) toward the Final prize - the Citizen's United theft of the entire foundation of our democracy. Money now really does run the show.

Now, some will argue that this applies to both parties, and to a certain extent, this is true. But Money really wants their Repubs to be running the entire show, partly because Repubs make better lap dogs for Money, and partly because they sold their souls to Money so long ago that they have zero allegiance to the People themselves, whereas the Dems still have a deep connection to the People that Money hasn't found a way to make the Dems behave completely once they get elected. And to the degree that Money succeeds in stacking the deck with Repubs is the degree to which they no longer have to worry about pesky things like lawsuits from injured consumers, or allowing those same pesky consumers to default on debt, while assuring that Money can use that same tool to their advantage any time they wish, and without any serious repercussions. Blow millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf? Big deal, no problem - for BP. The fishermen and tourism industry? Tough luck, Bubba! Hey, we gotta million more stories just like that.

The Little Guy, AKA, the People, can suck eggs. But if they contract salmonella in the process? Hey - go fish! And if they just happen to be the basic republicans? Just keep the con going - they'll apologize for what Money did to them, all in the name of a fake ideology. And then vote for the same Sharks all over again, Mitt, Santorum, Gingrinch, Paul - what's in a name?!

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