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What Have Snooki and Lana Del Rey Got In Common?

by neil6 (writer), Sydney, Australia, March 08, 2012

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Examines current affairs of these two celebs and how their age 24 'Year of Revolution' has shaped and is shaping their lives. Further statistical evidence of 'Life Cycles'.

We're going to get right into pop culture here and ask what has been going on in the lives of two well-known celebs -Snooki and Lana Del Rey-; or to give them their real names Nicole Polizzi and Elizabeth Grant? We will be doing this from the unique perspective of the brand new theory of life lived in twelve year cycles, known simply as 'Life Cycles'. We're going to compare what is happening to these two individuals and what happens to all of us, in a myriad of different ways, at the age of 24. 'Life Cycles' theory says that every 12 years you undergo what amounts to a revolution in your life and that this sees an upheaval and a new age/new era ushered in. This is a really easy concept to understand. It happens at the age of 12 (when you are still a child), but it first happens in your adult life at the age of 24. Of course these couple of celebs are only 24 and 25 respectively, so this is the only 'Year of Revolution' we'll look at.

OK, firstly to Snooki. What has been going on since she turned 24 on November 23rd, 2011? Of course it's all official now that she is, in fact, 15 weeks pregnant and is engaged to boyfriend Jionni La Valle. Also she won't be appearing in the upcoming Jersey Shore series because she says that:- "it's disgusting for a pregnant woman to hang out in a club". Apparently she discovered she was pregnant on New Year's Eve in Las Vegas, as she always carries a testing kit with her, and now regrets drinking the way she did that night. Are you staring to get the picture here? One minute a party-loving girl with an 'in your face' personality and the next a careful expectant mother and soon-to-be wife. She has also said that this part of her life is:- "too important to screw up". MTV are certainly going to miss her absence, as she was a big part of the reason people tuned into Jersey Shore. Does all of this constitute an upheaval in her life and the ushering in of her own personal 'new age/new era? It becomes a simple rhetorical question doesn't it? That's the beauty of dealing with high-profile case histories. All the evidence you need is in the public domain. It's objectively true, because anyone could verify it and it's subjectively true, because we are able to quote her exact words and to this limited extent 'enter her world'.

So what's been going on with singing sensation Lana Del Rey? She is now aged 25, so we will be able to examine what transformations happened to her in her all-important, age 24, first adult 'Year of Revolution'. Her birthday is June 21st, 1986, so we will be looking at the period of June 21st, 2010 to June 21st, 2011. This is undoubtedly the period of her transformation from a hopeful young singer called Lizzy Grant, into a new persona known as Lana Del Rey. This comes complete with a new look and a determined attempt to expunge any reference to her real self on the web. Her social networking profile and website were deleted. She released her first full length studio album 'Lana Del Ray (sic) AKA Lizzy Grant' in January, 2010. and had a big name producer David Kahne. Kahne said that she bought back the rights to the album from her record label '5 Points' two months later in order to:- "stifle opportunities to distribute it- an echo of rumours that it was part of a calculated strategy." She, along with her manager and father deny this, but there has been considerable speculation in various blog articles about who did what. The questions is:- "was a major label silently orchestrating one of 2011's greatest Indie viral success stories?" Now I've got to admit this one's a bit hard to get at the truth, but there can be no doubt that when Lizzy Grant was 24 she transformed into Lana Del Rey and began her new age/new era. Of course it not very long after this that the world discovered her and I see that her new album 'Born To Die' sold 75,000 copies in it's first week in Feb.; second only to Adele with 120,000 copies of '19'.

In the same way as these two stories illustrate, there can be no doubt that 'Life Cycles' evidence is too strong to simply ignore. I do nothing else than show interesting and relevant case history, after interesting and relevant case history. Of course I don't have any major publishing house or PR agent or media appearances to back me up. Oh no, I have something more powerful than that. I have 'The Truth And The Evidence'. Read my blog sometime and then tell me what you think. You get this information nowhere else.

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Since 2009 I have devoted myself to not only writing 2 books on 'Life Cycles', but also maintaining 2 blogs and writing numerous other articles. This is to display the sheer breadth of evidence I have amassed. I have more books and more research planned, after all it isn't every day, you are privileged enough to have discovered the "missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle of life".
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