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Emotionally Slutty & Social Stratification

by Maylin Gonzalez (writer), , March 07, 2012

Credit: Maylin Gonzalez
It isn't a pretty sight

Max Weber would NOT approve! - Neither do I.

Saying too much too quick - Yep! We have all been there - From the late night calls while drunk, telling God know's who all of your un-filtered problems. To the 'I love you' you accidentally spilled on your 3rd date. - Yep! I bet it happened! We have all reveal too much at some point in our lives. So it makes me wonder: Are we common sense handicapped, or are we simply emotionally slutty?

There have been times where i hear women be outrageously outspoken, to the point where; i just want to sedate them in an instant. Emotion sluttyness isn't classy, nor feminine, nor sexy, much less attractive. It's just like regular sluttyness, of course, minus the part where your mouth is an airport and planes just keep on coming. The women I've met in the past, are airports. Not all, but a handful of them and boy do they enjoy arrivals!

I remember one in particular:
The sun was shinning, breeze was breezing and rockers were rocking. Saturday afternoon and it was a great day - that is until my emotion filled drunk friend decided to get 'emotionally slutty'. Not only did she leave me in the hands of someone i had just met, but she also left me by saying 'i'm getting laid tonight' - ackward! Not only did she tell me, but the table we were sitting on as well. Not to mention, the guy who was 'sexing her' was still on the phone - fucking classy!

So i ask: should emotionally unstable individuals, such as these, be viewed under the same sociocultural context as the rest of those under the same institutions - should they hold the same social status?

Side Note:
If it was based upon Max Weber's theory of social stratification; the three p's (property, prestige, power), will not suffice in making these individuals, sociably hierarchical. Since the development of Max Weber's ways in which societies are organized in hierarchical systems of power - such ways being that of: social status, class power and political power - If these individuals whom are emotionally slutty, have none of the statuses previously stated, according to Weber, they should not be considered to have any social hierarchy and therefore, should not be viewed under the same sociocultural contexts.

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2 comments on Emotionally Slutty & Social Stratification

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By D. Sager on March 08, 2012 at 08:46 am

Snap! That last paragraph was a mouthful! I reread it three times trying to grasp the implications...I'll try again later, after all it's 4:30am, much to early for intellectual stimulation. I really like the term "emotional slut", perhaps that will catch on...I hope it does, and stem the tide of drunken texts, calls, and ramblings...I cannot poke the finger though, many of those calls were made by me. But I'm a man, as such, I'm generally considered a slut in most circles, I proudly bear the mark of shame! Well done Maylin, **clap, clap** (not the std!)

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By Maylin Gonzalez on March 11, 2012 at 10:18 pm

D. thank you very much for that amazing comment! I am more than happy to explain anything you have not understood, my anthropology brain sometimes gets the best of me. I agree that at such times in the morning, we can't even see the mount of fingers we have on each hand, much less have any intellectual stimulation; yet well done on the execution!

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