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They don't destroy...They create

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), March 05, 2012

They create so much of energy of their passion and that’s how, I call them so real, so very true, so authentic.They silently give life to others.They don’t destroy...they create.

Have you ever come across a person of exceptional passion…If you have, then surely you are lucky and mark my word and that would make you feels so complete and contented… People with passion are different, they create...they build…they nurture…they nourish. Selflessly and unconditionally, they infuse life in others. What ever they do, they do it elegantly, and they do it with grace. Passion is not a borrowed terms of sympathy or pity…It is the ultimate emotion of love and care. My humble suggestion, if anyone come across such person; please thank your stars, that you are blessed….you encountered a passionate soul. While vaulting my memories, I certainly would like to treasure the moments with honor and due respect for a person who holds exception qualities of passion.

From the archives, I wish to extract the pleasantries (the dreams) and bury the setbacks. Now, I wish to miserly brood over the impeccable impressions of yesteryears and while doing so, I am retrieving an innocence of somebody…unnamed…untouched…struggling to recall the name and event so vociferously, and with that, feeling so overwhelmed.

Having said this, I firmly believe that to be complete, you need to be passionate yourself… And those who hold the passion…they hold the reasons to smile…They have reasons to smile…They just do it…they don’t beg, they don’t borrow…they don’t hurt…they don’t demand…They create so much of energy of their passion and that’s how, I call them so real, so very true, so authentic…Mark my word…such person exist…They just silently give life to others…They don’t destroy...they create.

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By Betty B. on March 12, 2012 at 06:53 am

Just amazing uttam..God bless you

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