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Thou shalt not - Yes you should!

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Damn the guilt

Looking at the exactness of the laws imposed on me by religion, I saw a certain, weakness, in their application.

Thou shalt not. That's what I heard when I went to church. Being a young man and given to many troubles, I struggled with my love for God while bearing the guilt of “thou shalt not”. Looking at the exactness of the laws imposed on me by religion, I saw a certain, weakness, in their application.

Thou shalt not Lie. Really? I will lie till my tongue twists in my head to save you from harm. A man breaks into your house, your wife and kids hide, he asks you, “Where are they?”. OK religious man, you who impose on me your guilt ridden laws, speak up! Tell that man where your family is so he can kill them, or do worse. I laugh at your law now, you should lie!

Thou shalt not kill. Really? Do you know that your very freedom to worship rests on the blood of many honorable and/or religious men who laid their lives on the line and killed to give you the choice to intellectually subject me to your guilt ridden standards. You should kill to protect your family, your nation, your freedom. I can go on and show that for every “thou shalt not” there is a circumstance in life that dictates you should.

Double standard? No, I see a higher standard. Wisdom is skillfully applied knowledge, knowing the rule is not good enough for practice of the same. Obviously we should not live on lies, killing people at whim. Here is wisdom, for every spiritual principle, “thou shalt not lie”, “ thou shalt not kill”, there lies a spiritual application. If you maintain your hardened religious attitude and refuse to consider that every application of knowledge requires wisdom, guilt and confusion will be your companions for life. I must take the general principles of honesty and respect for life and spiritually exercise them. I am at a loss for the answers to this dilemma, however, know that I will lie to keep you safe, and I will kill to protect my friends, family, and nation. Understand the inherent weakness of your rules and consider the full course of your beliefs before you impose them on me.

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By ColonialBoy on March 03, 2012 at 08:55 am

You would have a valid argument, except that your decisions are being made based on inaccurate information. The commandment isn't "Thou shalt not lie", it is the more precise "Thou shalt not bear false witness" (so it's a prohibition on perjury, not merely lying). A better translation (from ancient Hebrew) of "Thou shalt not kill" is the more limited "Thou shalt not commit murder" (since its pretty obvious Jehovah didn't object to the Israeli army smiting the Canaanites in large quantities).

For the most part it would be pretty difficult for a society to survive that didn't follow guidelines similar to the 10 C's.

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By D. Sager on March 03, 2012 at 05:09 pm

Semantics...the point is still valid. I was not referring to the "10 commandments" but to the references made in general and specifically to lying and killing, both in scripture and by the proponents of such. If it satisfies the question, I would bear false witness to protect my family as well, and I would murder, kill, and otherwise maim and eat someone who hurt, or threatened to hurt my family...thanks for clarifying the point though. Peace.

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