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I Can't See My Article!

by Michael R. Gauthier (writer), New York, NY, April 18, 2007


In a recent poll taken on April 17th of 2007, 100% of those surveyed said they preferred a larger sized screen when it came to their computers. While this data was achieved not by the most scieftific of terms, it is nonetheless a compelling reflection on the way our American society is going: Big, Big, Big!

We need the big screen TV, the big bedroom with the big bed, the big living room (if we can afford one of those), the big closet to fit our big wardrobe... We even pride ourselves in developing technology to make things smaller- and then make them bigger again! Last month I received a new iPod Nano as a gift- it was the smaller, 2 gigabyte one. It was said to have the ability to hold 500 songs! Everyone gawks at this tiny contraption. How can something so small hold something so big? Shouldn't my first thought have been how greatful I am that professional men and women spent so much of their blood, sweat and tears in order that I may be able to take 500 whole musical arrangements with me wherever I go in this lightweight, digital wonderland the size of my palm? I suppose it should have. Instead, though, my first thought was: I want a bigger one! So I marched right over to the Mac store and paid for my upgrade.

This column has nothing to do with opinion. I see no problem with our concern over size-deficiency. In addition to this iPod upgrade, it was time for a new laptop. I had spent 2 years squinting at a small 12-inch screen and I was tired of it. Was I to go for the mammoth 17-inch MacBook? Tough question. The idea of the laptop is for ultimate portability and something so large is ultimately not that portable. But I wanted big! It is the American way. So that is what I purchased and now, in light of the recently published poll above, I feel as if I made the right decision.

What is my source for this poll you may wonder. Therein lies the problem. The source of the poll is me. Those surveyed are... well, me. But as a self-righteous, American capiltalist, I'm okay with these findings. How can I not be? This article is being typed at the residence of my elder grandfather and the words I write are being displayed on the smallest screen I have ever seen in my life. Bigger is better, my friends. I stand 100% by my 100% findings. The verdict is detrimental to my entire profession as a writer. Without big screens, I can't see my article!

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