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My Discordant Song

by D. Sager (writer), In the wind, February 23, 2012

Credit: unknown
Listen to the off-key and dragging notes, they are a symphony.

Let me off the leash of guilt induced change

My defects have become me, to lay them down is to die. Don't try to change me; to force me to get help is to force me to be someone else. You think you can help me, or should help me. Is my deficit that annoying for you to bear? Don't fix me to make yourself feel better; realize that in trying to fix me, you are tearing me apart. I know I'm sick, I'm ill, I'm addicted. I binge, purge, use, fixate, cut, obsess, worry, and rage. I listen to voices that tell me about how you want to change me, to make me better. Really? I don't see the life you live as better. I see that your scared to let your weaknesses show, to claim them as your own. To know and show that they are a part of you, like every part that is acceptable and healthy. I own my diseases, they are unique, changing and evolving. I'm never in a box, unless you give me pills that make me think correctly. Or give me programs that make me act proper. Or follow me around making sure that naughty deprecating thing doesn't touch me. Let me off your leash of altruism and guilt induced change. I own my faults, I make them work for me. Never leaving me, they all become a unique discordant song. Listen to the off-key and dragging notes, they are a symphony. Dance to my music. You will never be bored and perhaps you will forget about trying to change me.

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By Angie Alaniz on February 24, 2012 at 05:07 pm

Though this song might not ever be boring, I doubt anyone can stay dancing to this beat to long.

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