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Thank GOD for The Second Amendment

by D. E. Carson (writer), , April 18, 2007

Some time ago, I wrote a rather lengthy editorial on this site focusing on the Second Amendment, yet no one opted to argue in support of or against my article. You can go find it if you like, it is titled “Constitution 101: The Second Amendment”.

Following the massacre at Virginia Tech, I am still unwavering in my support of the Second Amendment and I am incensed at newspapers in England, France, Germany and elsewhere that sought to criticize our Second Amendment. To them I say, “I don’t tell you how to run your country so keep your cotton-pickin’ nose to yourself and don’t tell me how to run mine!” Frankly, I don’t give a damn about what other nations think about the gun prevalence in my country. As one bumper sticker used to say, “God, Guns and Guts Built America – Let’s Keep All Three!”

I especially take issue with the headline from Mexico City’s Dario Monitor which read: “U.S. 33, Mexico 20” referencing the 33 dead from yesterday and the 20 victims of drug-related violence murdered in Mexico on Monday. Mexico is hardly one to criticize the US when the largest part of the money made in Mexico is made with illegal drugs by cartels who – you guessed it – use guns!

Where is the outrage from Germany, Mexico, Great Britain, Australia and the rest over the murder of the mayor of the Japanese city of Nagasaki? Iccho Ito was shot at point blank range by a gangster in a country with some of the toughest gun laws in the world. The point of this is absolutely clear – gun control laws DO NOT DETER CRIME. If a criminal wants to use a gun, he will get the gun and no gun control law will stop him. The only people being hurt by gun control laws are law-abiding citizens. More guns are sold in the United States on the black market than are sold legally.

Then there is Rosie “Big Mouth” O’Donnell. She started harping on her “Million Mom March” which was organized after (but not in direct response to) the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School. I noticed that she exaggerated the number of people who supposedly attended the protest Washington. She claimed there were over two million women in the march. People who attended and others who examined photos placed the estimate of attendees at anywhere from 125,000 to 300,000 – quite a far cry from the two million that Rosie thinks were there.

Liberal whiners in favor of gun control laws forget that no gun in the history of guns has ever killed anybody. It was the damned fool holding the gun that killed someone. But knives kill people and you can still go out and buy knives without permits or waiting periods. Cars kill people but you can still go out and buy cars without permits or waiting periods.

I would not be opposed to adding licensing requirements for guns like we have for cars. You cannot buy a gun without first taking a class – like driver’s ed, call it shooter’s ed. Then you have to renew the license every five years by taking a test. Convicted felons and non-citizens could not have guns at all. This way, you can keep tabs on people with guns without having to worry about infringing on anyone’s right to keep and bear a gun.

You see, when the Second Amendment was written, people needed guns more than they do now. They were used for hunting and defense. Now, you can go to the store and buy whatever meat you want. You still need to defend yourself, thought, which is why I will never advocate the repeal of the Second Amendment. Furthermore, because we are more of an urban than rural country, we can get along without needing guns like we had, but the right to keep them should never be taken away.

Currently all gun laws on the books, except the Second Amendment, are a joke. Their sole purpose is to whittle away the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. In the case of Hurricane Katrina, law enforcement in New Orleans was virtually non-existent. Bands of thugs were roaming the streets, guns in hand taking whatever they could steal. If more people in New Orleans had guns in the aftermath, there would have been fewer looters. What criminal wants to take his chances with an armed victim? In the case of the goof-ball at Virginia Tech, a few more armed students might have meant fewer victims in the end.

Truer words than these were never spoken: “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” Armed robbery only works when the victim is unable to defend him/herself.

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