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The Mysteries of the Income Tax


Every once in a while within the confines of our society masses of people begin to experience the creed of awareness, that sense of revelation never before known or discovered and never before verifia

It is a time of awaking and a time to truly understand the laws of the land. In the background of the new laws instigated by the war on terror hides the old laws of the income tax as it relates to Americans. It is because of this enlightenment age, a wave of clarity that is sort by literally millions of Americans that have spawned unprecedented revelations, leaving us asking thousands of questions about the validity of the IRS its practices and the subterfuge of the income tax subculture. Who is actually subject to the income tax? Although citizens are called to perform and serve as jurors on tax evasion cases (generally convicting each other in these cases) do we really know the laws of the land, or are we pre programmed from birth that taxes like death is unconditional.

As Millions of people wade through the legal libraries they have uncovered new spears of knowledge and understandings about the way our system is ran, with a heavy focus on legalese (legal language Legal writings). This is as it should be, since it is never required of law or the maintainers of law to teach law, then that my friend is your responsibility to learn law, and if you are not aware of your rights then you will most certainly relinquish or forfeit them to oblivion.

The agenda of the income tax was always conceived as a tax that is used to pay for the many services allocated by the government, and that the IRS was federal a branch of the government. The astute question that we should be asking ourselves is how we know that the IRS is part of the government or that they are using that money for the needs of the people if we have never read the actual laws that require Americans to pay income tax in the first place. How do we prove to ourselves that it is a mandatory requirement to prepare a W4 form, a 1040 form or to register for a social security card? On the face of the W4 (hidden right under our noses for generations) reads clearly and legibly "Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate", which states that we are voluntarily permitting our employer the right to withhold money from our pay. This is a contractual agreement which you have unwittingly signed giving the IRS legal rights to prosecute, to garnish, to seize and imprison on the basis of your testimony and statement of penalty of perjury hidden in this document, should you fail to comply with the contract.

Currently within the walls of congress and the courts are the echoes of rigorous debate over this issue as some believe that the 16th Amendment is the law that shatters all tax protesters, while others say that this Amendment was never ratified. The so called 16th "amendment" allegedly authorized federal income taxation, even though it contains no provision expressly repealing two Constitutional Clauses mandating that direct taxes must be apportioned.

In the case of People v. Boxer (December 1992), docket number #S-030016, U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer fell totally silent in the face of an Application to the California Supreme Court by the People of California, for an ORDER compelling Senator Boxer to witness the material evidence against the so-called 16th amendment.
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court have both ruled that repeals by implication are not favored. See Crawford Fitting Co. et al. v. J.T. Gibbons, Inc., 482 U.S. 437, 442 (1987).

The material evidence in question was summarized in AFFIDAVIT's that were properly executed and filed in that case. Boxer fell totally silent, thus rendering those affidavits the truth of the case. The so called 16th amendment has now been correctly identified as a major fraud upon the American People and the United States. Major fraud against the United States is a serious federal offense. See 18 U.S.C. 1031. (United States Code)
It is high time that we begin to look within ourselves, while searching for the truth as Americans, because if we have been lied to about this issue then my God! What else have they (government) lied to us about?

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By Credo on December 12, 2007 at 04:43 pm
I appreciate your comment Brooklyn Genes, you know of course love and praise is never late. Freedom to fascism was produced by Mr. Arron Russo; I did a lot of research on his findings but I still haven't seen the movie yet. Credo
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By Mistress Doctor on December 12, 2007 at 04:48 pm
I saw the movie, From Freedom to Facism, when it was screened in San Francisco April 8, 2006. There I met Aaron. Both were thought-provoking. Shame the cancer recently killed him. I'd also missed this story before. Probably before I joined BooWaha. I've learned to use the Newsroom to read comments and from there discover articles such as this interesting one.
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By Credo on January 17, 2008 at 10:55 am

Didn't realize that you guys were still commenting on this article.

Thanks again for your comments.


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By Credo on October 27, 2013 at 10:14 am

Awesome movie, everyone should see it.


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