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Amor Vincit Omnia

Credit: Anonymous
Love for Future Generations

We in being human may fail Love, but Love never fails us

before blinding light

Some call you God,
others Religion


you are the truth we seek
the Holy Grail

in the midst
of our lies
which divide
rather than unite

Wars of disagreement
lasting centuries
never defile
crumble like old bricks
before what is incorruptible

Wet tears to save the unborn
arguing razor rhetoric
nauseating words
pro life versus pro choice

While 6 million children
bloody by war
limbs broken
families destroyed
souls pierced by trama
cry daily
in desperation
for healing from injustice
arsenals of our hatred
spreading like disease across continents
based in religious intolerance
fighting over natural resources,
to control wealth
limited understanding
of what is of true value
in this world

Healthy children
in body, mind and soul

a healthy
one tiny planet
vast Solar System
sprinkled with 400 billion stars
balanced biologically
air we breath
water we drink
basic life support system
our lives depend upon

How foolish can we be
to play God
with such a rare gift
among 200 billion Galaxies
in the Universe,
each filled with
hundreds of billions of stars

Where only two
planets can support life

our blindness
to the sanctity
the gift
of all LIFE
we ignorantly
take for granted

World children
reaching out
waiting for
better solutions
bullets, tanks and shrapnel
must be recycled
into a new mentality
made into
something beautiful
to respect
seven future generations

in our arrogance
we dare call ourselves civilized
ignoring the brutality
we allow our leaders to inflict
to starve,
to rape the earth,
to pollute,
to impoverish,
to enslave those without civil rights
to medically experiment
to psychologically destroy
to abuse our living children with War

While we explosively demand rights for the unborn
ignoring the tears of the suffering baby
crying for peace, starving for realistic solutions

profit in a prescribed pill
piggy back bills should be illegal
paid to permit
money filling
blood lined pockets
Senators and Lobbyists
mass poison approved by the FDA
United Nations closed eyes to
humane population control
Monsanto, Dupont and Pfizers greedy allies
under table
arsenic in the chicken feed
arsenic in the babies apple juice
aspertame in the soda you drink
mmm poison lies
sure tastes good
consumed by masses who Trust

Recall, recall them all
for a Congress corrupt
is not a Government
of the people
for the people
at all

Recall, recall them all
those who
Unconstitutional Legislation
are enemies of the
Founding Fathers
pen and ink
Bill of Rights
True land of the law


laugh at our worthless paper
falling at the feet
rotting in the sewage
filth paralyzing civil rights
our unnoticed infection
integrity decaying
citizens imprisoned without trial
waking up in ChinA-merica
closed hands confined,
dishonorable leadership
hiding like wolves in sheeps communist,
fascist war torn
swastika clothing
smile to your public
hide the white sheets
under the desk of election
people may have forgotten history
but you did not forget the agenda
The Book of the Law
written in cold blood of innocence

Governments created to protect
twisting laws to oppress
using tyrannical rule
through military force
setting the stage to abuse
martial law
stripping away civil rights
memories paid in blood of our ancestors

a history of servitude through brute force
community labor and resources in mass
falling into poverty and war torn misfortune

While we drive by
new Mercedes Benz of abundance
turning a blind eye
to our brother
in his suffering
begging for change on the street
while we live the guiltless good life
religious hypocritic entitlement
there goes another civil right

" do not to reap to the very edges of your field
or gather the gleanings of your harvest."

How ignorant are we

When the root soul of our global family
is in desperate need of healing
for where my brother is wounded
for where my brother is bleeding
for where my brother is without
for where my brother is suffering
for where my brother is ignored
for within the darkened walls of my own family

Where they are hurting

for within the blackness blindness
of my own suffering heart
I bleed for my family internally
root souls around the world
hemorrhaging from denial,
my lack of unforgiveness
my lack of generosity
my lack of unwillingness to accept responsibility
my lack of initiative to be a catalyst for healing in my own family
my lack of desire to empower my entire family to be successful
my lack of forgiveness and unwillingness to seek forgiveness

Reflecting back to me in the state of the world mirror
darkness in the world, darkness is within


my own root family,
must have peace and healing
if I truly want peace and healing in the world

healing begins in me
healing moves through me
healing empowers my family
if I am truly committed beyond my own selfish needs
touching the lives of everyone I meet

Within mirrors without

The healing of my family
outside my own roof is also essential
The healing of my own heart
is mandatory
when we are courageous
when we face our own demons of selfishness
when we shine a light for those we love
in our actions, not just our words

When we are committed to healing

the text in a book of what we are told
is good, proper or acceptable behavior
the miracle is
we are

Healed by Love

one soul
one child
one family
one leader
one country
one earth
at a time

As long as I walk upon the earth
breath the air
drink the water
Until my body turns to dust
my time here is but rent

to the Universal Landlord of Love

I can ignore my brothers suffering

I can ignore my brothers wounded heart

but it does not change the fact

I am my (global) brothers keeper

we may fail you
in our societal
we may fail you
in our treatment
of our own family members
it is in these moments
when the World Headlines
seem dark
weight of sadness and suffering
worn around our necks
like a baby elephant
raised in servitude and bondage
forgive us
for not breaking the chains
which no longer serve
our highest good
or empower our communities

Hope is still written in every star

lit up by
random acts of kindness
empowering words spoken
deed of every hero
known or unknown
to make a positive change in the world
largest or smallest of ways
We bare witness to the Light of Love

I invoke Divine Grace into the wounded hearts of the world

I pray for my enemies as well as my friends and my family

I bless everyone

with unconditional love, healing, mercy, kindness and forgiveness.

Hear the light in the joyous laughter of children
held in loving parents arms
comforted in the heartache of divorce
uplifted to achieve their highest potential
nursed back to health
whole and complete
as best as possible
from the global wars
and the silent wars at home
we inflict on innocent hearts

Let our world's children receive restitution
because we know
as a global family
we are in agreement
the children of the world
deserve better from us
and we must demand more from ourselves

We honor you Love
when acting with integrity
in our breakdowns
in our conflicts
in our break-up's
when we are tempted to be unkind
to instead find a reason to be loving
in spite of the heartache
to act with love
we learn
from lessons

Consistently evolving
beyond our former selves
of our character
with a societal tendency
to mate like a primitive lobster
with a new mate every ten days
or a cougar
with babies by multiple males
begging for child support
When perhaps
we could be
more like a penguin
or a wolf
where loyalty
and sacrificing of our ego
is required
to honor our beloved
beyond our own
selfish desires

you never promised
that our beloved
would be rich
beyond loving

We have the gift
but between
You and I


it is not always
used so wisely
when selecting a mate
or making decisions
which effect lives
outside our own
extending into our global family


may we be healed
may we always remember
you are an honor bestowed upon us
not a disposable luxury
like toilet paper discarded


you are the Gold,
and we
the fools

for not
knowing & protecting
what is truly
precious and priceless


We may fail you Love,
but I know
even when we act unworthy
of your healing brilliance
you never fail us.


please help us
to be greater than the world history
we have known
to learn from our mistakes
in order not to repeat them
to love one another
beyond our differences

to heal old infected wounds
which may prevent us as a global society
from moving forward


we need to see the bigger,
future picture of stars unfolding
to manifest a synergetic healing so powerful

our children are left in awe for centuries
by the beauty,


Legacy of Love,

lighting up the night sky

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Native Texan full of Southern Charm, ;) Art Director and Fashion Photographer with a background in Luxury Apparel. Producer of a Television show called " Art4Charity " that spotlights Philanthropists, non-profits, volunteers, and companies doing positive deeds around the world. Volunteer Art Therapy teacher to homeless children and activist.
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