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She is asking for moon

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), January 18, 2012

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Broken heart seldom speaks but today she is asking for moon

The palpable reason awakens her to know that her solitude in solitary confinement will not fetch her desired happiness. She looks at the people rejoicing and while awakening to the fact, she still refuses to enliven the life and embraces the forlorn desire within her fold. She insulates herself. She pretends with smile. Every day she pretends. She coolly walks into the celebration of others; holding beneath the smile, the dormant sediments of life, which are simmering. She too wishes to hold somebody’s hand but she never. She knows that, she is keenly watched and she refuses to yield to the awakening. Every action of her is watched? Why she is watched? Is she not entitled, to be happy?

Today, with discerning note over her inquisitive mind, she looks at the dream, picks up and ask “where were you my dream”....dream coolly smiles and she gets her answer. To her surprise, she never knew that the demonstrative aura of dream could be so mesmerizing; she gives up and embraces the dream. She begins to dance. She is laughing...she is crying in ecstasy with her new found life...she is not pretending now. She, while reinventing herself, ask “can I have moon.” She looks at the moon with star in her eyes and says “Oh! Why you are there my moon, come and play with me, its long time...I want you my moon...”Tears trickles down from her eyes. Broken heart seldom speaks but today she is asking for moon.

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By Betty B. on February 01, 2012 at 08:37 am

amazing Uttam

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By Uttam Gill on February 01, 2012 at 10:15 am

Thanks Betty for always being so generous...amazing you are...

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