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My Fair Lady

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), January 15, 2012

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My fair lady which makes me feel like a her own man.

On to the canvass of life, I have seen the transactions of love, expectations, disillusionments, alignment or realignment of relations, and flickering hopes with stark reality. With the conclusive evidence, the glaringly picture which emerges, provides reasons of disproportionate enormity, with wide difference between dreams and reality. And from this let me identify my fair lady.

She is my fair lady, who is wise, mature, loving, caring, kind, communicative, and also the one, who can stir, my imagination with sensuality. Let me say more; that I would like to be possessed constructively by the charm of my dream lady, where, we both can acquire space to grow with love of intense rarity. I have not finished yet; no matter if she is a great cook or not, as long as she simply believes in herself, then, she is the real woman of substance, which I am referring to and that is my fair lady, I am talking about.

If I am asking so much in a lady, its because as a man, I do understand my limitations, vulnerabilities and susceptible weaknesses and knowing fully well, I need to have woman, who never make me feel weak. I know the power, women holds; they are god gifted, with rare competence of magical prowess and the woman, who possesses this, is the choice for me to say, this is my fair lady. I would like to reinforce my comments, that lady with above qualities can make all the difference.

I don’t wish to put my words in anybody’s mouth; but I would like to accept with all humbleness, that men are less blessed, as compare to women. Women with qualitative merits stand much taller as that to men. My honest submission is not meant to give loose rope to capricious lady, for her to whip me and laugh over my vulnerabilities.

I am a man on my knees and with dreams about a lady who cares. And that is MY FAIR LADY.

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