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Paul Anthony Pens Espionage Thrillers and Murder Mysteries

by Wrp68 (writer), , January 08, 2012

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Bushfire by Paul Anthony

An American drug-busting legend, and the covert power of the State, battle against globally organised crime syndicates unaware that some amongst them have different plans....

PAUL ANTHONY has written a number of fictional novels and a collection of poetry which appear in Print, Amazon Kindle, Apple ipad, and PDF download format. Apart from being a Goodreads author, he is also an Amazon author and a 'smashwords' author appearing in multiple download formats. In the past he has been published by a Vanity House and a Traditional Publishing House. He is currently an independent self publishing author with a store front on the 'Lulu' website. He has written both television and film scripts either on his own, or with the award winning screenwriter, Nick Gordon. Paul Anthony is the pseudonym of a man born in Southport, Lancashire.

When not writing, Paul Anthony enjoys reading a wide range of works, reviewing same, and playing guitar badly. He also enjoys running, kettlebells, athletics, keeping fit, dining out and dining in, keeping Koi carp, and following politics, economics and social sciences. He is married and has three adult children and five grandchildren.

The Books


A terrifying thriller of greed and deceit.

The action spans the oceans; from Northern Ireland, to Portugal, from Colombia to the British Isles, and is set against the inferno of a raging drugs culture. Cumbrian undercover detective, Boyd, working with two Portuguese investigators, a determined female British Intelligence officer, an American drug-busting legend, and the covert power of the State, battle against globally organised crime syndicates unaware that some amongst them have different plans...

Private and personal revenge...

The Legacy of the Ninth

Packed with action, stacked with intrigue, and sprinkled with ingenious conspiracy, The Legacy of the Ninth is a whirlwind thriller of bitter conflict and religious mystique, echoing through the centuries of time from the desert wastes of the Roman Empire to the luscious green valley of the River Eden and the land of the Lakes. Behold, the noble Domitian: a valiant Roman Centurion who witnesses an appalling act of mass suicide in the Negev desert, and Hussein who plunders a Jewish artefact from its rightful owner.

Centuries later, Boyd, the detective, tries to find out why events in Masada are now so closely linked with nearby Hadrian's Wall. Indeed, against all the odds, Boyd realises that the links are so strong that prospects of peace in the Middle East are in danger of collapsing...Things can't get any worse, can they?

The Conchenta Conundrum

Two beautiful and mysterious women are murdered in the same week. The local police chief believes both killings are the work of one man and instructs his officers to bring about a swift conclusion to the investigation. Davies King, the hardnosed, chess playing detective, reckons the game is much more complex and refuses to accept an apparent checkmate. With the odds stacking up against him, Davies tries to shuffle all the pieces and capture the guilty party before an innocent man is wrongly arrested. But the clock is counting down, there's a bomb explosion imminent, and he's running out of time....

With enigmatic characters that are credible and authentic it doesn’t take long to become engrossed in a well crafted and gripping plot. Paul Anthony's mesmerizing conspiracy carries the reader all the way and skilfully builds to an exhilarating and explosive finale. Visit Paul Anthony.

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