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Why Do Love The NFL Draft?

by Theblueswink (writer), Los Angeles, April 27, 2007


We love the evaluation of physical ability and potential
We love the speculation and prediction
We love that so much money is on the line
We love that a few top prospects inevitably turn out to be busts
We love that we are familiar with many of the potential draftees
We love that some of the potential draftees ‘come out of nowhere’
We love that the player's careers will provide a tangible answer to the draft speculation
We love that our favorite team might improve itself through adept drafting
We love that the draft is a competition between the teams
We love that last-second trades up and down the draft order often occur
We love the insider information provided by draft pundits
We love the misinformation provided by team GM's and coaches
We love that no one knows for sure what will happen until it happens
We love believing that if we would do better if we were in charge

Key questions swirling around the 2007 draft:

Will the Raiders select JaMarcus Russell? Probably, but maybe not.
Will the Lions trade out of the 2nd pick or will they swallow using yet another high pick on a wide receiver and choose Calvin Johnson? And what will the Lions do if the Raiders surprise and take Johnson?
Will the Browns pick Adrian Peterson or Brady Quinn?
Will the Buccaneers be lured into trading up or will they count on Calvin Johnson falling to them?
Will the Cardinals do what everyone expects and take Joe Thomas?
And considering their draft trade history, you never know what the Washington Redskins are up to.

And on it goes, ever in flux, yet at the same time also semi-predictable.
Nobody knows, yet lots of us sort of do, and everyone will know come Saturday.

2007 NFL Draft coverage:

Saturday, April 28th (Rounds 1-3)
-ESPN 11am-8pm ET; 8pm-10pm ET on ESPN2
-NFL Network 11am-11pm ET

Sunday, April 29th (Rounds 4-7)
-ESPN 11am-6pm ET
-NFL Network noon-7pm ET

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By Theblueswink on April 28, 2007 at 03:10 am
I somehow failed to see two typos. Sorry about that. I intended to title the article, 'why do WE love the NFL Draft', and I wrote one 'if' too many in the line that should read 'we love believing that we would do better if we were in charge'.
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