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Why We Need The 2012 Apocalypse

by Philip F. Harris (writer), Maine, December 31, 2011

Yes, we actually need the Apocalypse if we are to evolve. It didn't have to be this way, but it is.

Yes, humanity actually needs an apocalypse in 2012. All of the great avatars and prophets and cultures, Nostradamus, Casey, the Hopi, Mayans, St. John, DaVinci, and so many others, have told us that we are traveling the wrong way on a one way street. We know that environmental stress causes evolution; basically, adapt or die. The erroneous notion is, however, that evolution is a slow process. We now know that this is not always the case and that evolution can be almost instantaneous. Flip a few genes on and the species as you know it is transformed. We also know that that the term apocalypse means ‘revelation.’ Certainly, humanity is in need of revelation.

Will 2012 bring death and destruction? Well, yes, and no. Are we talking the end of the world? No. But we may be talking about an even increased series of the kind of events we saw in 2011. Climate chaos, economic meltdown, political turmoil, further radicalization of religious dogma, both human and naturally caused environmental calamity, even larger scale fish, bird, wildlife deaths, and surprises yet to be seen are all in the prophetic cards. The tempo has been building and people have been duped and too blind to see the signs of the times. We already have climate refugees. In many parts of the world, water is a scarce commodity. Increasing glacial melt is changing sea levels and possibly ocean currents. Massive fish, bird and other wildlife die offs are increasing. There have been record numbers of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The melting, CO2 filled Tundra’s is another wild card. The Apocalypse is here now for those with eyes to see.

Here’s the thing, for some reason humanity epitomizes Newton’s law that bodies at rest, tend to stay at rest unless acted upon by an outside force. We only change when confronted by crisis. Otherwise, we stay “comfortably numb.” Even when all the facts are laid out before us, our reaction is usually, “Oh, okay, whatever.” But if the grocery store is empty, the enemy is at our doorstep, or the sky is actually falling, then we catalyze into action. When the disaster is upon us, we act. The key question is, “Can we always act in time to prevent total disaster?”

Memes, cultural viruses of the mind, have been the leading cause in slowing human evolution. What you do won’t make a difference. The problem is too big. You’re vote doesn’t count. God likes poor people. We need to collect billions of dollars and waste them on building absurd edifices to please God. You are all basically sinners and since you must be saved, you must follow this religious dogma. It’s always been this way and always will be. Only evil people are wealthy and they will be punished. One race is superior to another. Everything will be okay, it’s not really dangerous. You can’t cure diseases with the power of the mind. Your lot in life is the luck of the draw, live with it. We don’t have anything to do with climate change. Species die off all of the time. This is just a normal cycle. We’re too big to fail. Buy this and save. Don’t tax the rich, it will hurt the economy. Drill baby, drill. All of these viruses have been so toxic; most in the world feel helpless. And yet, for thousands of years, the mystics have told us, “No, you have the power. You create the reality.” And now, quantum physics is telling those who listen that the mystics are right. The observed and the observer are one. Life in interconnected, entangled, and each event is related and affects all events. Medical science is showing us that prostate cancer and memory loss can be cured by either turning on or off genes. Basically, new paradigms are being created and old ones are being replaced.

But, timing is everything. While worn out dogmas are experiencing their death throws in church pews, the halls of science, the streets and alleys or repressed states, schools of medicine and in the depths of the human psyche, time is running out. What do I mean by that? Simply, the destruction humanity is causing on the planet is happening at a faster pace than it takes to correct the problems. We have passed environmental, economic and political tipping points. The die is cast and only clear, conscious, sincere and strong visualized choosing can ameliorate the consequences. Actually, the best you can do is save yourself since that is all anyone can really do. I do not mean run to the woods and become a survivalist, but you need to be prepared for worst case scenarios. Must it be this way? It didn’t have to, many a prophet warned of our folly. In Nostradamus’ image of the wheel in the lost book, part of the Tarot Code spoken of in the “Waking God Trilogy,” we see images of a dysfunctional wheel; all that we know falling apart. In his Tower, we see the flames consuming all that we have built on a foundation or dogma, sand and error. DaVinci, in his not very discussed prophecies, talks of great calamity. But none of these things had to be. We chose the worse case in absentia, through omission, through ignorance, looking through blinders wrapped in memes we were convinced were true. And yet, we still do not act. The seed for action is there and we are seeing some positive fruit, but it appears that only the Apocalypse will wake us from our slumber and end our millennia of torment, destruction, lies, war, and disconnect from the environment and each other. Keep in mind that our evolution can, and hopefully will, be instantaneous. The tragedies, political absurdities, environmental collapse and the revelation of the greed that has dominated humanity’s history are coming to light. It can activate the ‘god seed,’ the so called junk DNA within us all, that will awaken us to a new earth. Not in some idiotic religious sense, but in a deeply rooted spiritual sense in which we finally, “get it.”

Make no mistake, the Apocalypse is here now. The kettle is about to boil over. If you are prepared to entertain totally new concepts, new paradigms, new sciences, a new spirituality, all will be well for you. The answer will not be outside of you. There will be no savior here, or there. You have been warned about that. In fact, as Mantrella says, a lead character in Waking God Book I, “It is not about saving humanity, it never has been.” You are not evil. You are not born in some self-serving concept of universal sin. Let the pressure of 2012 build within and allow your inner transformation, your evolution.

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