Friday, September 21, 2018

State of Denial

Reflections on the 70th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.

1941: The Axis powers grind up the world while Americans vainly hope they can escape war. Denial translates into isolationism. Instead of facing the undeniable danger to the nation, politicians occupy themselves with sterile disputes of Right versus Left.

2011: Seventy years later unequal trade is destroying the global (and U.S.) economy while America clings to the illusion of globalization. Denial translates into blind faith in “free trade”, that the promised pot of gold will appear at the end of the ever receding rainbow. Instead of halting the destruction of the U.S. economy politicians, once again, engage in sterile disputes between Left and Right.

Then, Pearl Harbor shocked the nation into new purpose, initiative and, most importantly, national unity. Common effort and overwhelming victory showed how vain and hollow the adversarial Depression Era politics had been.

The economic attrition America has been now subjected to for two decades is a war without battles. But its effects are the same as those of physical attack: destroyed industries, loss of productive assets, ruined lives and diminished hope. The means to reverse this ongoing economic defeat are the same as those that led to victory in the past: purpose, initiative, and above all unity.

The 2012 election will be the economic equivalent of Pearl Harbor. Either we will bury the ideological hatchets and address the real danger, or meekly submit, and surrender what is left of our dreams, our wealth and our national heritage.

There is no more time.

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