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The One

by D. Sager (writer), In the wind, December 24, 2011

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I didn't know that I would be saved by its shade, do I now see the value of helping it grow?

Letting go of the obsession with accumulation

The most incredible things can happen when I place investment in the life of one. That single person may change the course of not only my life, but of the world. Who knew when they encouraged and befriended a young, and then unknown, Albert Einstein, Maya Angelou, or Steve Jobs, that the one person they invested in would greatly affect the course of their life and a great many others.

My human nature, being fascinated with visions of me, evaluates my success at any particular venture with increasing numbers. The danger is that I overlook important involvement with an individual and engage my efforts in activities that guarantee my advancement up the ladder of accumulation. By overlooking the one, I surrender my beliefs, my identity, and my dreams to assure an increase in my popularity that will eventually destroy me and lead to the failure of the thing I wished to do, build up my numbers. When I forget the value of one person, I really start to forget the value of me. My whole life then suffers, my dreams die, my soul withers. Losing sight of this intrinsic worth of one, my self-esteem becomes a creature formed by opinion, my happiness dependent on an ever demanding public, my conscience accusing me of failure with each drop in my perceived worth. I become motivated out of selfish concern instead of compassion for my brother or sister. I revise my thinking now, saying to myself, don't worry about the many, concentrate on the one overlooked and forsaken by society, by business, by the fickle crowd. Placing myself then in a constant awareness of the value of one, I will follow the example of my Big Brother, leave the 99, and go after that one.

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