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by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), December 23, 2011

Newly born mother with new born baby walks alone because man refuses to be with her

In her arms the souvenir of unblemished promises

Nine month of existence kisses the sunlight first time

The conspiring creator defy the physical agony of this lady

Lady, few hours ago turn into a mother

With nameless emotions and marching order in his utterance

The befitting arrogance of the one who refuse to be a father

Refuse to hold the promises and refuse to be a man

The man with revolting strictures dancing on his face

Dance of a man who refuses to be a man

Life is in hurry so he orders for immediate evacuation

The man evict her from the comfort to be driven in turbulence

The mother who has born a baby, born too

He lashes the newly born mother in his dictum

She picks up all by herself the remaining strength and walk

Whip from the man, a father of that baby left no choice

The extremity of the brutality and no supporting arms

Newly born mother with tears hanging to corners

With self imposed divinity he whips again

The crashing taunts and stabbing insult brings her to edges

She screams in silence but the man refuses to hear

The spring with flowers blooming; she withers

Newly born mother with a new born baby walks alone

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