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Those who dare to dream

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), December 21, 2011

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The world of hope is on our lips. In consonance with my expectation no reasons are invalid as long as that brings smile to me and others. This goes to my relations with everybody; where grace never permits me to deceive my own thought. As long as the edifice of relation is on mutual expectations it is worth it.

People around the world are trying hard to be resilient with their cosmetically doctored thoughts and that is hypocrisy. My friends all that matters in life are your honest feelings. Do what ever you feel like doing but ponder over that what you are doing is actually what you believe in. The pleasant manners are always soothing and those manners in the garb of treachery are certainly questionable. What holds you to be in the world for somebody to admire you…to love you? Only you can hold yourself. Those who wish to remain disillusioned they are consistently under the most deadly spell of hypocrisy. Nobody can bring those desirable moments for you on a platter unless you yourself have genuine reasons to live those moments. The most common phrase is that “I am not the kind of person who gets into the luring trap of her or his sugar coated talks.” The arrogance of belief extinguishes the most genuine thoughts of care. Instead the most beaten path is followed.

All enveloped thoughts of hypocrisy to me are redundant and impotent to fetch any result worth smiling. Yes I dare to challenge the convention not with the sense to be victorious but with the extreme sense of urgency, need and desire to live intimate moments of my life. Rest is regrettable. All that has been said may not be true but surely if you look into the regrettable episodes of life the starvation there in can be felt.

To me my dreams are very important. To me all that matter which makes my heart to beat. To me sharing of space with somebody is worth living; that makes everything dance for me. All that has been denied to me and then given by them is worth experiencing. All that do not matter which hypocritically weaved and then put into the market of life as saleable commodity. I don’t wish to be reduced as piece of commodity whereby my entity can be subjected to dissection by those who loves to retain the posture contrary to loving thoughts.

The world without dream is not worth it. Reality is biting and biting hard because all that has been acted and re-enacted in life on the basis of hypocrisy is painful.

I wish to reach out everybody who dares to dream.

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