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Stretch your body, stretch your life

by akagc (writer), Orlando, FL, December 20, 2011

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A challenging stretching posture.

I don't know about you, but for me, it's simple: I'm stretching my way to freedom.

A couple of years ago, I suffered from Plantar Fasciitis, a well known condition of heel pain. This type of injury generally occurs overtime when the foot part of the body sustains an overload of physical activity without properly being stretched regularly.

During my rehabilitation through intense stretching and hydro therapy, I learned the injury stemmed from my hamstrings being tight from the hips area down to the balls of my feet, making every foot movement extremely painful. Between sitting down all day at work, and dissmissing stretching for year during my training, something was bound to give out at one point or another.

As fit as one can be, when the body is overstressed, it will give out. It's our responsibility to find away to heal it, and maintain it. Over 7 months, I slowly cured myself through yoga; where I learned the importance and effectiveness of breath-work and focused stretching. Stretching was fairly easy; but to reach new possiblities with my body, I had to make the leap to yoga.

Some people swear by yoga, while others hate it. Yes, Yoga isn't easy, and yes, it's painful, and yes it's not for everyone. And although it does take time and patience to even grasp, I personally think it's the mindset under which it's approached that determines the strength of character and one's determination to reach new heights that makes the difference.

At the end of the day, it's not forced upon anybody, so there is not reason to hate it. Choose to do it or don't, but don't hate on it because it doesn't work as well for you as it does for others. It has made a huge impact in my daily life both during and after training. I'm not a Yogi. I'm very far from it actually, but I practice it twice a month because it's necessary for my health.

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