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Hit the Road

by Uttam Gill (writer), BOMBAY(MUMBAI), December 18, 2011

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To grow we need to extend the corridors of our precincts. Road leads to those places, people culture, thoughts... Hit the road of life to explore..

Ask me not what we are having here in this life; ask me what we don’t have. I am convinced beyond doubt that people all over the world are not into the game which they apprehend to loose. The parameters defined can be erased by the trendsetter and new bench mark can be established. All those proven tracks speak volumes; where once the winner ran.

People are challenging the extremes. The race is transforming a daily business into fierce battle for survival. In this rat race almost everybody wish to rip apart everybody. As long as it fetches pecuniary gains its fine and all actions okay. All ethical issues are put to back burners. The embittered souls in discomfort position conspire to unseat the winner and the rat race continues. This rat race transforming this life as battlefield; people are conniving, negotiating and agreeing lustfully to gain the firm foothold as winner. From the rampart of citadel of conspirators, loud messages are emitting that they are the best and dare not to be challenged.

My God! Whole atmosphere is vitiated by the cacophony of greedy people and deceitfully they are making life hell over here. I wish to be free from this. Go away you madding crowd; let me have peace, a space to live life with my own terms and to hell with you and your greed.

Yes, I can see the road map and I wish to be happy; come and join my bandwagon and HIT THE ROAD. Hit the road buddy with hope and surely you will reach the destination. Into the far distant land, onto the unfamiliar roads; I walked number of times and I will keep doing so in distant future too. My insatiable urge in its interminable mode inspires me to meet new people, to find friendly people in abundance at each new turn, halt and intersection.

I wish to script my life with my own term. I need to live the moments no matter how it turns out to be. I may win, I may loose, I may cry, I may laugh and I may fall but I need to HIT THE ROAD. Those who have inherent fear that they be robbed off will never venture out beyond their comfort zone. All those who ventured out have stories to tell; but the indecisive one awaited happiness to embrace them and the entire life they waited, with no story. They remained elusive and wasted the entire life.

Who is going to HIT THE ROAD? Walk on to the road baby and have a feel. Shout to your glory and say you are going to HIT THE ROAD. Not only to walk over the beaten track but onto the unexplored paths too. The roving eyes always looks for breath taking sites, nostril to inhale aromatic fragrance of distant land, mind to wander at awesome charisma of nature and certainly heart to receive friendly handshakes. Are you ready? IF SO, HIT THE ROAD.

Carry along with you the warmth of your soil; to share with others, carry love so that they know that you belong to a place which tends to travel not only in the proximity of their zone but treads out unbridled. Nothing is going to make a difference until you HIT THE ROAD.

Who ask you to mortgage your choice? Choices are for to substantiate the inconformity of your desires and expectations. I, for all probability would like to be driven by the rational urge. My all corners of rationality says don’t hurt anybody and that’s where my untrammelled freedom never ever castrate bonds of reasons either explicitly or implicitly and I retain the choice. Right now my choice is to HIT THE ROAD.

Roads are never ending and there is no last destination. Walk as if you have a mission to accomplish, task to finish and onto these roads with many others you have something to achieve and share. Those who are still undecided I give them a call; do you wish to walk with me and others, come on! LET’S HIT THE ROAD……………….COME ON BUDDY! COME ON BABY! COME ON EVERYBODY! HIT THE ROAD

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By Betty B. on December 21, 2011 at 03:07 am

very nice uttam

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By Uttam Gill on December 21, 2011 at 03:12 am

Thank you so much always encourage me

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